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Something’s brewing at Backporch Coffee Roasters: cold brew coffee. Unlike traditional coffee, which is brewed fairly quickly using hot water, cold brew coffee is brewed completely with cold water. At Backporch, they brew their batches for 18 hours, then keg them and put them on tap to serve. The longer time frame means “the sweeter, big body notes are extracted and accentuated and the acidity is virtually nullified, resulting in a very dessert-like cup,” says owner and lead roaster, Dave Beach.

While not widely available in Bend, cold brew is very popular already in the world of coffee and the Beaches felt that putting it on tap would increase awareness of the product and allow people to purchase cold brew in larger volume.

Cold brew also has some unique benefits, explains Majell Beach. “Cold brew provides a caffeinated yet refreshing beverage perfect for warmer weather. Warm or cold, the slower process provides great flavor with a much lower acidity level than traditional brewing methods, which means more people can enjoy it.”

The Beaches feel introducing a new way to enjoy their products fits with their overall ethos. “Cold brew is innovative, it honors the product and it shows a broader range of the potential flavors. We hand select the coffees we roast and cold brewing our beans allows us to serve a very pure product that allows the coffee to speak for itself,” says Dave Beach.

“Watch out, though,” adds Majell. “The caffeine content with cold brew is way higher; it should come with a warning label.”

Backporch Coffee Roasters was launched in 2006, the dream project of Dave and Majell Beach, native Bendites who love the nuance and possibility of coffee and coffee roasting. Determined to source responsibly and positively impact the lives of their suppliers, the Beaches and their dedicated team travel to taste and purchase their coffees directly, specializing in direct trade, microlot, estate coffees of exceptional quality.

With two locations on Bend’s west side, they are committed to showcasing their superior product in both innovative and traditional ways.

Backporch’s cold brew is on tap at their Newport and Century Drive locations. Branded growlettes are also available.


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