GL Solutions Makes Impact on Economy

Growing Bend Company Reaches Out to Local Community

Benefiting from new personnel and undergoing a significant recent expansion, GL Solutions is experiencing new opportunities that point this company toward growth and a bright future. Recent contract negotiations have given GL Solutions the ability to have a positive effect on the local economy.

A recent contract award from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services escalated GL Solutions’ development enabling the company to hire more Central Oregonians and make crucial business investments in the local economy to meet contractual obligations.

“Central Oregon continues to be a great place to grow our business.  Over the last fourteen years, we’ve found a diverse business community with talents and capabilities one might not expect in a smaller city” said Bill Moseley, one of GL Solutions’ founders. Moseley would like to see more people pulling together to support local businesses and help sustain the local economy. He finds working with others in the community rewarding.  As he puts it, “I enjoy creating partnerships with the like-minded entrepreneurs I see every day.”

Moseley once worked for the Oregon Department of Justice managing the division that regulates charitable activities, fundraising and gaming operations. While working there, Moseley revamped processes and developed information systems that ultimately led to receiving an Outstanding Service Award from the Attorney General Hardy Myers. 

From his rich experience at the Department of Justice, Moseley saw opportunities to help other regulatory agencies do a better, more efficient job at protecting the public through the use of specialized information systems. He joined forces with another employee at the Oregon department of Justice, Eric Staley, and together they formed GL Solutions in 1997.

Many of you may remember GL Solutions as GL Suite. Wanting to stand out from the competition, they felt the name GL Solutions redefines their comprehensive software and support efforts.  In addition to changing their name, they have a new corporate logo and color scheme with a round graphic at the end of the name symbolizing their collaborative nature.

GL Suite is their easy-to-use regulatory software system tailored for individual government regulatory agencies.  GL Suite improves an agency’s efficiency and effectiveness by providing a comprehensive database system for managing licensing, permits, enforcement, inspection and online activities.  The company’s undivided attention to the needs of government agencies has resulted in a software program offering rich, built-in functionality within a framework adjusted to the most specialized business processes.

GL Solutions works with more than 50 government agencies in 18 states around the United States including Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont and Wyoming. From database systems and online applications to compliance management and best practices consulting, GL Solutions is a strategic partner dedicated to fostering each licensing agency’s vision of operational excellence and public service.

GL Solutions’ mission is to “empower government agencies by providing innovative and high-quality software and services through a team of passionate employees committed to growth and excellence.” Implemented and executed a comprehensive corporate strategic plan to fulfill this mission, they also use numerous tools and techniques including the Gallup Q12 to improve the management team. In turn, management works with its respective staff to provide endless opportunities for growth and personal enrichment. GL Solutions maintains an enjoyable and rewarding work environment resulting in a very low attrition rate and a highly engaged staff.
“We are excited about the growth of our company, it has provided an excellent opportunity to hire from the local talent pool here in Central Oregon,” stated Eric Staley, GL Solutions’ co-founder and VP of Business Solutions. He continues, “We hire and purchase goods and services locally whenever possible.”

Compass Commercial, a local commercial realtor, is one company benefiting from the recent success of GL Solutions.  For many months, Compass Commercial worked diligently to find a new tenant to fill the Awbrey Village commercial space.  GL Solutions signed a year lease on this building starting in January.  Located at the corner of Summit and Mount Washington Drive, this building has over 19,000 square feet of commercial office space perfect for the growing needs of GL Solutions.

In addition to moving to a new office location, GL Solutions recently hired 27 new employees.  GL Solutions leverages the inherent strengths of their employees through a specially developed program. The program applies a development process to assess each person’s unique talents and build skills through professional training and personal coaching. The company’s achievements and concern for each employee’s success create ongoing opportunities for growth and learning.

Wahoo Films is another local company benefiting from GL Solutions’ recent success. Specializing in promotional videos for businesses, Wahoo Films helps GL Solutions create employee training videos. “With the increase in business coming our way from GL Solutions, we have been able to grow our local Bend business and crew,” said Michelle Alvarado owner of Wahoo Films, “We are excited to work with GL Solutions for the third year and the growth of their business is helping the growth of ours.”

GL Solutions realizes the value of creating training videos to train multiple new employees at the same time and will also use the video productions in a variety of new marketing efforts.

Brand Navigation, a strategic brand and identity design firm, has also benefited from GL Solutions’ growth. Bill Chiaravalle founded Brand Navigation in 1999, with the goal to create memorable and easily understood brands. Bill, coauthor of Branding for Dummies, has spent more than two decades specializing in brand strategy, design and marketing for a broad range of global, national and regional companies in an extensive range of industries. Branding is the core of Brand Navigation’s business and has been the focus of Chiaravalle’s career.

“GL Solutions is using our branding experience to develop a new brand, web presence and marketing efforts,” said Chiaravalle, principal and creative director of Brand Navigation. “We appreciate working with GL Solutions. Working with a local company to help them build their presence in the market is what Brand Navigation is all about.”

GL Solutions has grown and matured over the last 14 years and now has an internal workflow routing system that handles nearly 10,000 client requests per year. However, they still operate based upon the same core values that motivated the founders to form the company many years ago: act with honesty and integrity; do things right; make customers happy; succeed as a team; and focus on strengths.

The company doesn’t print these core values on plaques or mount them in the hallway to grow dust.  Instead, they are enlisted daily by the GL Solutions’ staff to guide decisions and ensure the company stays true to the course plotted by its founders. “Building partnerships with great products and superior support is what we are about,” added Moseley.

With multiple contracts on the horizon, the future looks bright for GL Solutions, and with plans to continue focusing on keeping their success local, the economy of Central Oregon looks a little bit brighter, too.


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