Prestigious Designation for Owners of Racquet Shoppe


Sabrina Fefferman and Lisa Palcic, co-owners of The Racquet Shoppe of Bend, have passed the examination and experience requirements to attain the prestigious Master Racquet Technician (MRT) designation from the United States Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA). The MRT designation is recognized as the highest certification a racquet sports retailer can receive by the USRSA.

Fefferman and Palcic join an elite membership, totaling only four other MRTs in theState of Oregon and 476 nationally. The Racquet Shoppe now offers the only two master racquet technicians in Central Oregon.

To be eligible for the Master Racquet Technician designation, Fefferman and Palcic had to pass a rigorous two part written and stringing demonstration exam, testing all facets of racquet knowledge, service and techniques.

“The exam measures understanding of how to install string, how to select the optimum racquet for every player and how to re-size handles, re-grip racquets and customize weight and balance,” says David Bone, USRSA executive director. “An MRT must also demonstrate advanced knowledge of current frame and string technology and how that technology translates to player satisfaction.”

“The MRT offers consumers the best assurance of superior racquet service,” Bone Says. “And this certification provides a competitive advantage for a retailer who wants to attract knowledgeable, quality conscious consumers. In other words, the MRT benefits both the professionals who earn the designation and those they serve.”

The United States Racquet Stringers Association is a professional organization, representing more than 7000 racquet industry members in total. The organization has been a recognized leader in the racquet sports industry for the past 30 years and is based in San Diego, California.

Located on 542 N.W. Arizona Avenue, the Racquet Shoppe of Bend has been serving the Central Oregon community since 2008. The store services all racquet sports including tennis, racquet ball, badminton, squash and pickle ball and offers a comprehensive line of equipment, shoes and apparel.


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