Governor Announces 3,855 Oregon Jobs Funded by Recovery Act


(SALEM, Ore.) — Governor John Kitzhaber announced that approximately 3,855 jobs were funded by $153 million in federal investments during the last three months through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act). Total investment this quarter in all Recovery Act projects and services, including education, health care and unemployment assistance, is approximately $153 million.

“We need to maintain our focus on getting Oregonians back to work in both urban and rural Oregon,” said Governor Kitzhaber.  “The recovery is underway, but I won’t be satisfied until we are reducing unemployment and increasing per capita income in all communities in the state.”

In addition to the 3,855 Oregon jobs funded through the Recovery Act an additional 1,450 Education jobs were funded through the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund for education jobs. This program primarily assists schools in retaining licensed teachers and instructional assistants.

The Oregon Department of Energy has finalized contracts with 15 vendors to perform 400 school energy audits in Oregon. As of July 14, 2011 these vendors have completed 227 of the scheduled audits. The energy audits conducted under this initiative are the first step in a multi-phase, statewide effort to achieve improved energy efficiency at schools and create jobs. Up to 43 schools in 13 districts will begin construction on energy upgrades this summer.

The data reported provides a preliminary look at the eighth federal reporting period for Recovery Act funds and the impact that those funds are having on Oregonians. The information released today represents awarded and expended grants that were managed by the state through June 30, 2011. Additional information and an interactive map of projects are available on Oregon’s recovery website.

By the end of the month, the federal recovery website,

will also have comprehensive data from all states, local entities and private recipients to provide a portal of information for media and the public. 

The next quarterly report to the federal government from states on Recovery Act spending is scheduled for October 2011.


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