City Club Asks: Why are We at War?


Demystifying American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

with Dr. Michael Boll

Having spent his career in military strategy, including at the Pentagon and as a CIA analyst, Dr. Boll offers a rare inside look at the history and inner workings of Middle East foreign policy.

Iraq-Afghanistan-Libya.  The U.S. is currently embroiled in three military conflicts in the Middle East.  Why?  Is it all in the promotion of democracy?  Is it to protect our oil reserves?  Is it to provide a proving ground for the military-industrial complex?

Dr. Boll is an expert in international relations and world history with extensive experience in government service and academia.  He served on the Policy-Planning Staff of the Pentagon, was a Foreign Service Officer and an analyst for the CIA in Europe. Mike has written extensively about history and international relations, publishing numerous books and articles.  He has lived in various European countries over the years and travels frequently throughout the world to keep his knowledge current.

Dr. Boll has many years of experience as a senior professor lecturing at U.S. military schools for high level military officers, diplomats, government officials and foreign dignitaries.  He is proud to have taught at the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies in Honolulu, Hawaii, the Marshall Center in Garmisch, Germany and the Air War College in Montgomery, Alabama.  He is an emeritus professor at San Jose State University in the Bay Area.




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