Deschutes Brewery is Recognized by EPA for Its Commitment to Green Power


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has included Deschutes Brewery in a select group of leaders in the green power market through its Green Power Partnership program.

Organizations are recognized through this program for their commitment to green power and environmental leadership in the procurement of renewable energy. The Green Power Partner mark identifies partner companies as a renewable energy leader whose green power use meets or exceeds EPA’s green power use requirements.

“At Deschutes Brewery, green is part of our DNA. We are always looking for better ways of doing things, using less energy and taking a ‘thrifty’ approach in order to improve processes which in turn can improve the beer, the people and the planet,” said Mark Hegedus, director of sales and marketing for Deschutes Brewery.

Deschutes Brewery’s commitment to sustainable practices is displayed through practices such as: supplier sustainability, using recycled glass for bottles; electricity usage reduction, through practices such as heated air reclamation; natural gas usage reduction; water usage reduction; and recycling of all allowable materials.

Some additional examples that Hegedus cited to support the brewery’s green initiatives included the Portland pub’s use of PGE’s 100% renewable energy since the day it opened and the salvaged timber beams used in building. Both the Bend and Portland pubs also participate in recycling and composting programs and purchase locally farmed beef raised on Deschutes’ spent grain. Energy expenditures in Bend, where the main brewery is located, are 100% paid through the Blue Sky program, a renewable energy program through Pacific Power.

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Located on the banks of the Deschutes River in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery is in the business of daring people to expect more from their beer. That’s why we started off back in 1988, selling Black Butte Porter at a time when others were sure a dark beer would never catch on. Our brewers love to buck convention, especially if it makes someone nervous.  For us, however, the highest praise is a raised glass and a toast of “Bravely Done!”  For more information about Deschutes Brewery and its courageously crafted beers, please visit, on Facebook at  or on Twitter at


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