Dr. Knute Buehler in ‘Competitive Race’ for Secretary of State


Dr. Knute Buehler, an orthopedic surgeon from Bend, is contemplating a race for Oregon Secretary of State. Though Dr. Buehler has not formally announced his candidacy, the probable race between him and the incumbent Secretary of State has already been dubbed ‘competitive’ by national political media.

In an article for Governing — an online and print publication based in Washington, D.C. — contributor Louis Jacobson asserts that Oregon is one of at least five states across the union that will have a competitive race for Secretary of State. Jacobson writes that in Oregon the incumbent Secretary of State “who won easily with help from Barack Obama” is “facing credible opposition [from]Knute Buehler, a surgeon and former Rhodes Scholar.”

Jacobson, points out the Secretary of State is an “increasingly contested position” and that in Oregon, “Democrats have had a lock on the office since 1984, but observers say Buehler could make it a race.”

The Secretary of State is the second highest executive office in the state, heads the Election Division, Corporation Division, Audit Division, and sits on the State Land Board.

When asked about the article and his prospects for 2012, Dr. Buehler said, “Oregonians realize the Secretary of State is critical to how well our state government functions and they realize that the office has been underperforming. Oregonians want a new style of leadership in the Secretary of State office.”

Dr. Buehler continued, saying, “Oregonians desire someone from outside politics who has new ideas for getting Oregon to work. I continue to be excited and humbled by the support I’ve already received from all sides of the political spectrum. Democrats, Republicans, and the ever-increasing Independent population realize it’s time to move away from partisanship and instead work towards pragmatic, common sense solutions for all Oregonians.”

More information about Dr. Knute Buehler can be found on the campaign’s temporary website www.GettingOregonToWork.com.


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