Ghost Hunters in Bend


On Sunday night, October 30, the Paranormal League of America will investigate the Bend Radio Group Building on the west side of Bend.

The Bend Radio Group moved into the building in 2009, and since then several employees have had paranormal experiences, including seeing people in the studios who are not there, and being tapped on the shoulder by a non-existent person.  The League will bring all of their state of the art equipment to record audio and video to see if they can capture any of the playful spirit that seems to live in the BRG building.

The big “reveal” of the investigation will be on KSJJ 102.9 Halloween with Cook & Colleen in the Morning between 6 – 10 am October 31.  David Galvan, heading up the League will also talk about how he started in paranormal research and the other investigations he’s conducted with great success.


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