Oregon State Bar Dismisses Complaint on DDA Brigid Turner


The Oregon State Bar found no ethical violations on the part of Deputy District Attorney Brigid Turner. On November 14, 2011, the Bar received an anonymous complaint alleging Deputy District Attorney Brigid Turner committed ethical violations during the investigation of Deschutes County Counsel Mark Pilliod.

Chris Mullmann with the Oregon State Bar’s Client Assistance Office was assigned the complaint to determine if there was sufficient evidence of misconduct to refer it to the Disciplinary Counsel’s Office. Mullmann considered the unsupported allegations in the complaint and found no indication of misconduct by Ms. Turner. According to Mullmann’s letter dated November 29, 2011 “[b]ased upon the unsupported assumptions” and [b]ecause we find no professional misconduct, we will take no further action on this matter and we are closing our file.”


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