Creating Record Breaking Results Set Your Goals for 2012


Presented by Eric Plantenberg, president of Freedom Personal Development. In this interactive program, you’ll identify something that is meaningful for you to experience or accomplish, and we will teach you the action steps that will bring you closer to your goal and bring your goal closer to you.

You will learn:

1. How success leaves clues and you will learn how to find them.

2. About the “Law of Attraction” and the impact it has on your success.

3. Four components that are found in all record breaking performances.

Eric planting the Freedom flag at the Top of the  World –  Mt. Everest Summit, May 21, 2011

Bio: Eric would rather talk about your goals and accomplishments than his own. He has an uncanny ability to take things from concept to reality. He truly believes that when one person lives a life of Purpose, the entire world becomes a better place because of it.

Most people wouldn’t use the word “normal” to describe Eric’s life.  Here’s a snapshot of a few things he’s done recently:

  • Started a school for homeless children in Egypt – while learning Arabic
  • Completed the IronMan four times
  • Trekked across the Sahara’s White Desert on a camel
  • Volunteered at orphanages in India
  • Fasted for 25 days
  • Kayaked the Zambezi River in central Africa
  • Climbed to the Summit of Mt. Everest from the North

He’s accomplished all of this while leading his company to an average yearly growth of 45.7 percent. He’s a voracious reader and develops new workshops and programs each year. Groups ranging from 5th grade students to AIDS relief workers in East Africa to CEO’s across America have benefited from Eric’s programs.


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