The Top 7 Trends for Job References in 2012


Managing References Key for Those Searching For a New Job in the New Year

A popular resolution for many in the New Year is to find a job that’s the perfect fit; if you are one of them, creating a flawless employment profile has become even more crucial in 2012. Resumes and interview skills are always of critical importance, but making an investment in your job references is paramount in creating the “perfect employment candidate” impression that employers are looking for today.

The response a potential employer gets from a reference can make the difference between an applicant getting a job….or losing it. Professional reference checking company Allison & Taylor says that individuals looking for employment need to be aware of the following employment trends to succeed in their quest for that new, perfect job:

1. Your references will become even more valuable
Although the job market is poised to grow, hiring managers want to know how well you performed and only your references will be able to give the inside story. Make sure that your references are an asset, not a hindrance.

2. What your peers & subordinates have to say about you counts
You may have been able to hide your lack of production from your boss, but seldom are you able to hide it from those that report to you and your colleagues. Your coworkers can be, and often are, brutally honest. The simplest solution? Do your best work, every day, and let those around you know they’re appreciated.

3. Your reference list needs to match your resume
Often treated as an afterthought, references are a key element in closing the deal on that new job. It has become critically important that your reference list is well thought out, with full contact information, and presented as a matching and professional addendum to your resume.

4. Workplace bullies are still out there, even with all of the publicity about them
Even with all the negative press about bad bosses (or coworkers), bullies still continue wreak havoc, giving bad reports (sometimes completely fabricated) that can affect current and future employment. Find out what to do if you are, or have been, the victim of workplace bullying.

5. Technology offers a great way to stay in touch
Social networking provides a great way to easily communicate with that former boss and keep them updated as your career swings to new levels, so take advantage! Get your information up on sites like LinkedIn, Ryze and Twitter.

6. Employers will do even more background research, and look at your personal social media sites
Birds of a feather stick together, so be cautious who your friends are. Also, be sure there are no off -color comments, and keep certain things private- that way there’s no a chance for a potential employer to see something offensive.

7. Technology will play a large role in giving references
Trends show that employers are moving toward electronic reference systems, which rank an employee’s performance on a scale. This movement has pros and cons- it’s very comprehensive, and factual, and can neutralize negative commentary, but it will also limit the opportunity employers have to sing your praises. Make sure that you give yourself the best possible chance for a positive reference by establishing strong working relationships and negotiating the terms of your reference upon departure from the company.

It’s a new year, a great time for a fresh start! Make sure your resume and references are in order.

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