Business Success: A Central Oregon Company Goes Global


The current state of the economy is enough to give any business owner pause. But by carving out the right niche, businesses can succeed. One such business is Bend Mailing Services based in Bend.

Bend Mailing has expanded beyond direct mail business to include online bill paying services for clients and that has greatly enhance their client profile. Just this fall they have expanded beyond the US to England and Ireland with the new product.

In 1997, Bend Mailing Services was a small company whose business was centered around bulk mail. Five years later, Co-owner Nick Di Spaltro developed software enabling the company to perform paper billing services and they gained clients nationwide. Their niche soon became utility and waste disposal billing. Now they have gone a step further, developing and incorporating online billing technology that has reached across the pond. 

“Online billing was a natural progression from paper statements. Right now eighty percent of the company is paper and the other 20 percent is online, but we’re growing.”  Co-owner Sam Di Spaltro notes. After only one year of implementing their online payment service, Nick estimates 50,000 online users have registered and 20,000 online payments are processed each month. An added bonus of the paperless option is it saves Bend Mailing Services and their clients’ money by eliminating postage, envelope and printing costs.

Currently, Bend Mailing sends out approximately 700,000 a month, starting with 24,000 in 2003. With the overseas clients and the online billing option the company hopes to reach 1 million statements per month in the first part of 2012.

For any business, large or small, the environment is always changing. Developments with the U.S. Postal Service along with gains in technology will continue to change the way Bend Mailing does business. These changes will continue to push the company to expand their options and think beyond paper.

Bend Mailing Services is a mailhouse and invoicing company in Central Oregon. They offer a full range of bulk mailing services and a sophisticated invoicing system that delivers economy and efficiency to any company needing to send statements to their customers. They also offer billing and payment solutions through

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