2012 Starts with Strong Boat Sales and Renewed Optimism


Boat builders and dealers commonly refrain from making sales predictions until the major boat and sportsman shows conclude in mid-February of each year. Historically, the major trade shows in the Northwest are a proven barometer for gauging the prosperity of the year ahead.

While most manufacturers remained conservative and cautious after the industry’s sluggish performance over the past 4 years, Renaissance Marine Group continued its aggressive deployment of new models designed to appeal to boat buyers in the “new economy.” Renaissance Marine Group launched three new models, one each in its three prominent lines including Duckworth, Weldcraft and Northwest Boats.

As one dealer shared, “The market has changed dramatically. The new 18’ Duckworth Advantage really got people excited. They’d seen the boat marketed prior to the shows and came specifically to see it first hand. They did more than just look, they bought.”

In fact, sales of the Duckworth brand set an all-time record at the first major boat show of the year in Portland, Oregon. Total Duckworth unit sales were up over 600% from the prior year. The new 18’ Advantage led the pack but other Duckworth models, like the 26’ Offshore and Navigator models, also had renewed interest and sales.

“Certainly, cost is a driving factor, but it’s more than that,” commented Renaissance Marine Group’s National Sales Manager, Bruce Larson. “We worked extensively with our dealers and marketing team to design a model the market truly needed. Taller sides, a wider beam, and a flexible open layout that buyers could easily afford… That was the goal and the end result was unprecedented retail pull-through.”

At present, production of all three new models, the Duckworth 18’ Advantage, the Weldcraft 18’ Angler and the Northwest 187 Compass, have the manufacturing facility operating at full strength. “Ultimately, this upturn means more family wage jobs for skilled workers,” said Jerry Wooley, President. “We’re hiring and we’re looking at expanding.”

Renaissance Marine Group, Inc. is based in Clarkston, Washington and distributes their three brands though a network of more that 50 dealers across the west and Canada.

For more information, contact Bruce Larson at larsonbn@renaissance-marine-group.com or 509-758-9831.


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