Requesting Candidate’s Facebook Credentials Could Lead to Legal Trouble


Businesses and government agencies are asking for job candidates to provide their Facebook login credentials during the interview process.

Kenneth Wisnefski, social media expert and founder / CEO of WebiMax, says, “this growing trend is about to reach its tipping point where we could witness serious litigation brought forth by job candidates against the interviewing organization.”

In addition, Wisnefski feels:

  • This act represents the ultimate transfer of personal privacy, especially before the candidate is an official representative of the organization.  As an executive / CEO, I severely oppose these actions as legal backlash can ruin the reputation of the firm / agency.
  • Facebook has spoken out against the act; however Facebook can take the lead by banning a company’s account temporarily that violates it.  This stance can help reestablish their integrity as the social media firm has faced various notable privacy issues over the past 6 months, causing some to stay away from Facebook.
  • This case could be the final push needed by legislators to enact social media privacy laws, a topic that has been suggested in the social media community for some time but lacked strong support.

Info: John Borkowski at or 609-576-5175.


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