The Time is Ripe to Buy Fresh Local Foods


Central Oregon is full of incredible locally produced food choices. While there is growing interest in buying local food, consumers often find it daunting to identify where to buy it. On May 4 the Central Oregon Food Policy Council will unveil the Central Oregon Buy Fresh Buy Local food marketing campaign to connect buyers and sellers to locally produced food options.

Through this campaign, people can find out WHERE to buy local food, WHO produced it and WHAT businesses support local farmers and ranchers.

“If you are interested in buying local food, The Buy Fresh Buy Local directory will point you to all of your options within Central Oregon; from seasonal vegetables, to goat cheese, grass fed beef and local wine,” states Katrina Van Dis, co-chair of the Central Oregon Food Policy Council. “You can also visit our website to find Community Supported Agriculture shares which directly support our farmers and ranchers.”

This campaign is a project of the Central Oregon Food Policy Council (COFPC), a volunteer citizen‐based advisory board to Central Oregon which brings together a broad coalition to address healthy food access, public policies and land use issues affecting food and farming. This new organization is working in partnership with Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC) and the FoodRoutes Network with support from Meyer Memorial Trust. Their goal is

to support local farmers, ranchers and food businesses, and raise awareness about the benefits of buying local food.

Consumers will be able to identify restaurants and grocers that have committed to Buy Fresh Buy Local because they will have a member decal displayed at their establishment. “I love the idea of this campaign,” says Tamara Geiger, a local foodie. “I feel good about supporting local businesses that buy fresh food and about spending my dollars locally.

“With the help of BFBL, I know as soon as I walk into a business whether they support local food.”

By buying directly from local farmers, and shopping and dining at businesses that support local farmers, consumers get the freshest, best‐tasting food possible while contributing to a strong local economy and helping preserve our Central Oregon landscape.

Info: 541‐504‐3307 or,

Oregon’s first nationally recognized Buy Fresh Buy Local campaign will connect farmers, food businesses, and consumers to fresh, local food. Event: Buy Fresh Buy Local launch at Jackson’s Corner, Bend Oregon, 4:30pm, May 4

Fresh and Delicious Food

• Local food is fresher and tastes better than food shipped long distances

• Local farmers can offer produce varieties bred for taste and freshness

Strengthen the economy

• Buying local food keeps your dollars circulating in your community

• Increases food security for those who have difficulty accessing healthy and nutritious foods

Support Family Farms

• Getting to know the farmers and ranchers builds relationships based on understanding and trust

• Keeping local farms economically viable is critical to preserving our agricultural traditions

Health and Safety

• Knowing where and how your food is raised enables you to choose safe food from local farmers

• Buy organic and humanely raised food allows you to make the choice of what you put in your body

Protect the Environment

• Decrease the average travel time from 1500‐2500 miles to less than 100 miles

• Reduce fossil fuel dependence, carbon dioxide emissions, and use of packing materials


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