Fortress Financial Releases Tax Resolution Educational Video Series


Fortress Financial Services, Inc., a tax resolution specialty firm, has produced a series of educational tax resolution videos in association with Greenwood-Creative both of Bend.

“Individuals and businesses in collections with the IRS or a state taxing authority often find themselves in unfamiliar territory and faced with a multitude of hazards,” said Stephen K. Galgoczy, founder and president of Fortress Financial Services, Inc. and an attorney who has been in the tax resolution industry since 1999.

“Costly and sometimes disastrous mistakes made by people in tax collections include being convinced by a salesperson to hire an expensive professional when one is not needed, failing to hire a well-qualified professional when one is clearly needed, hiring a local tax professional who does not specialize in aggressive tax collection defense, and hiring a professional who lacks competence for the specific situation; or, worse yet, takes advantage of the already distressed taxpayer.

The impetus behind the series is to provide people in tax collections with an easy-to-understand road map that will empower them to make their own intelligent decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

“One of the biggest difficulties facing businesses and individuals in tax collections is an inability to figure out who to trust,” explained Galgoczy. “To many of these people, it feels like everyone is after their money—the IRS or the state taxing authority as well as the tax professionals. Typical videos from tax resolution service providers are nothing more than a sales pitch saying, in a nutshell, ‘hire us because we’re the best.’ Our educational videos are different in that they focus on illuminating the things that distressed taxpayers need to think about so that they can make a wise choice on their own. There are many dangers that these people need to think about, and they should be far better equipped to confront these dangers after viewing this short series.”

Fortress Financial Services, Inc. has released seven short videos to the public with titles including Beware of Scammers, The Tax Collection Process in Simple Terms – Where You Might Fit in and How This Should Affect Your Decision-Making and “Understanding Value When it Comes to Tax Resolution Service Providers.

“While this video series briefly explains why Fortress is unique in the tax resolution industry, its goal is to teach viewers what to think about and research on their own so that they can avoid con artists, get an objective sense of how serious their tax problem truly is, and find the best fit in terms of representation for their own specific needs,” adds Galgoczy. “The content of the videos is not easily accessible elsewhere, or could cost time and money to obtain. Although the topic is serious in nature, we did our best to make it entertaining for the viewer. People in tax collections have enough stress and monotony as it is. We hope to educate them and lighten up their day a bit at the same time.

“I really haven’t seen anything like these videos in this industry” said Galgoczy.

The series of seven videos are available to public at



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