BendBroadband Adds 3D TV Channel–First Ever 3D Olympics Broadcast


Olympics 3D channel is the ninth NBC Universal channel offering coverage of the XXX London Olympics

BendBroadband will provide customers with Olympics coverage on several platforms and channels, including an Olympics 3D Channel. The 2012 London Olympics will be the first time the Olympics have been recorded in 3D, and marks the first time BendBroadband will transmit 3D content.

The Olympics 3D, channel 630, will carry pre-recorded Olympics content and be accessible to BendBroadband customers with the Essentials or Preferred TV packages.

“Olympics XXX has the most robust coverage in history. Customers can watch the Olympics live from anywhere and enjoy 3D events for the first time. Our hat is off to NBC Universal. BendBroadband customers can get 3D content; On Demand of specific events and live streaming of multiple events as they happen from any device—in addition to nine linear channels of Olympics content.  We are delighted to offer this expansive coverage, particularly groundbreaking 3D,” says Amy Tykeson, BendBroadband President/CEO.

While BendBroadband is offering 3D content for the first time, Tykeson emphasizes that this is a beta test of the technology and specific plans for 3D programming after the Olympics are still to be determined. All BendBroadband HD set top boxes with the exception of two older models support the 3D signal. Those who wish to watch in 3D will need to have a 3D TV, corresponding 3D TV glasses, an infrared emitter/receiver (often built into the set and only needed with active glasses), a 3D video source (a Blu-ray player or supported cable box), an HDMI cable, and 3D video content (Channel 630).

BendBroadband carries Olympics content on nine NBC Universal channels including NBC (5/605 HD), Olympics 3D (630), NBC Sports (27/627 HD), MSNBC (56/656 HD), CNBC (51/651 HD), Bravo (137/737 HD), Telemundo (14), Olympics Basketball (631 HD), and Olympics Soccer (632 HD). Customers may access more than 240 events and 560 highlights from the games on BendBroadband On Demand (999/Olympics).

BendBroadband subscribers with the Essentials and Preferred TV package can watch live Olympics coverage from their computers and mobile devices via BendBroadband2go, The NBC Universal live stream is available once customers authenticate their BendBroadband account using their BendBroadband email address and password.


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