Botswana Delegation Visits Bend Next Week


Thirty senior governmental leaders from the Republic of Botswana will be visiting several Bend-area organizations September 20-21 as part of a two-week focused leadership program sponsored by Transformation Systems International (

The Botswana delegation includes members from a variety of government ministries including the Ministry of Health; Defense; Trade and Industry; Auditor General; Youth, Sports and Culture; Infrastructure, Science and Technology; Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Foreign Affairs; Water Utilities Corp.; Police and Parliament.

The delegation will be benchmarking three organizations for performance; St. Charles Hospital, Westside Church and Abilitree. Also, a session will be held at OSU Cascades Campus where several other organizations will share their learnings. These first hand insights on transforming organizations will be joined with benchmark experiences elsewhere in Oregon and southern Washington to help these leaders operationalize classroom learnings.

Stephen Hacker, a local Bend resident, serves as CEO of Transformation Systems International and states, ‘We have been deeply involved with Botswana for nearly two decades in creating frameworks for exceptional leadership, planning, execution and performance management. Then, by spending extensive time within ministries coaching leaders and working concrete projects, the sought after results have been brought into reality. Botswana has demonstrated outstanding leadership as demonstrated in governance, social and economic performance results and is recognized both within Africa and globally as a model for development.’

The Republic of Botswana has been thoughtfully reinventing its government with a focus on purpose, planning and performance. The national 2016 vision is to propel Botswana’s socio-economic and political development into that of a competitive, winning and prosperous nation. Seven key goals have been developed to manifest the country’s vision. The goals are to create: 1) an educated and informed nation; 2) a prosperous, productive and innovative nation; 3) a compassionate, just and caring nation; 4) a safe and secure nation; 5) an open, democratic and accountable nation; 6) a more tolerant nation; and 7) a united and proud nation.

The framework being used for movement towards this vision is the Botswana Performance Management Systems. This approach calls for all government ministries to develop and implement advanced planning, execute programs and projects in an ever changing environment, and employ measurement systems to track progress and outcomes. Botswana sought improved performance in its governmental ministries and service utilities, turning to Transformation Systems International to help design the conceptual framework and on the ground assistance.

Professional staff of Transformation Systems International has provided Botswana with strategic planning, multi-level leadership training, strategy deployment, systems engineering, change management methodology and technical expertise to support the implementation of this government-wide performance system. This type of work is conducted with a number of governmental, commercial and not-for-profit organizations around the world by Transformation Systems International.

Open to senior leaders from all organizations, this Focused Leadership Experience (FLEX) program is offered annually in Portland, Oregon. It includes a curriculum focused on achieving clarity of personal goals and life direction as well as how each participant aspires to lead within their organization. Theory and applied tools for leading change are also provided, including knowledge on trust building, effective communication and high performance work systems to name a few. The curriculum is further enhanced with several benchmarking visits with world-class organizations where real stories on leading change are shared among leaders across two continents.

For more information about the FLEX program and the work underway in Botswana, please contact Heather Tischbein in Vancouver, Washington at (360)944-2390 or by email at


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