Earth Advantage Institute Home Certification Announces New Energy Bill Guarantee Program


EAI, a nonprofit sustainable building organization, launches Earth Advantage Home Certification, Energy Bill Guarantee (EBG) program for homebuilders. The program promises that utility costs predicted by EAI’s home inspection is accurate or EAI will reimburse the homeowner the difference any year it exceeds the prediction for three years.


The Energy Bill Guarantee program is the first of its kind to be implemented by a third party, green building certification organization. Unlike other energy bill guarantees which only cover heating and cooling, the EAI Energy Bill Guarantee covers all energy costs from appliances to lighting. EAI utilizes either the Energy Performance Score or Home Energy Rating System to analyze the energy efficiency of a home. The report provides a utility bill usage prediction for that new home based on normal occupancy and usage models. Based on that report, EAI then provides an Energy Bill Guarantee to the homeowner upon purchase that is good for the first three years of ownership.


Peter Brown, director of residential services for Earth Advantage Institute said, “Our new Energy Bill Guarantee is a ground-breaking offering to the builders who use our certification program. We are so confident in the rigor and sophistication of our inspections we’re willing to guarantee it to the homeowner.” Earth Advantage Home Certification is dedicated to providing homeowners with comfortable, healthy, durable, earth-friendly high performance homes through their third-party certification program.


About Earth Advantage Institute

Earth Advantage Institute works with the building and design industry to implement sustainable building practices. Its nonprofit mission is to create an immediate, practical, and cost effective path to sustainability and carbon reduction in the built environment. The organization achieves its objectives through a range of innovative certification, education, and technical services programs. Residential energy efficiency programs nationwide use the Energy Performance Score (EPS) label that EAI promotes to estimate savings and measure home performance. Visit Earth Advantage Home Certification online at


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