Redmond Schools Make Good Marks on State School Report Card


Two Redmond schools receive “Outstanding” ratings.

The Redmond School District received positive news this week when the Oregon Department of Education issued its Annual Oregon School Report Cards.  All of the RSD schools earned Outstanding or Satisfactory ratings on the report that measures a number of factors including an overview of school performance in the areas of student achievement, attendance/graduation, participation, and student growth, in addition to key school statistics, demographics, and an overall rating.

Terrebonne Community School and the Redmond Proficiency Academy were rated as Outstanding, the highest rating available on the current report card.  “In addition, we are also pleased about the positive achievement trends in both reading and math at our middle schools,” said Linda Seeberg, Executive Director of Academic Programs.

Oregon’s school report card is currently under revision to provide improved information to parents and communities on how students, schools and districts are doing.  As part of the state’s federal flexibility waiver, a new school rating system has been developed which places a greater emphasis on student growth from year to year. Included in this is a focus on growth and graduation rates for subgroups (including Students with Disabilities, Limited English Proficient, Economically Disadvantaged and Race/Ethnicity groups). The new report card will reflect elements of this new rating system.

“We look forward to the revised school report card because the new rating system shows a more detailed and complete picture of achievement in schools,” said Linda Seeberg.  In this new system for example, three of Redmond’s schools, Vern Patrick Elementary, Obsidian Middle School and Terrebonne Community School received the highest possible rating for growth in student achievement. This means that students at these schools are making strong gains.  It also shows that a few schools need to focus efforts specifically on subgroup growth.  “This kind of differentiated reporting enables schools and districts to focus in more effectively on specific improvement targets,” Seeberg said.

RSD Superintendent Mike McIntosh said, “Redmond School District staff, in partnership with students, parents and community members continue to build strong schools that place high value on student performance. In our goal to provide a rigorous and relevant education to all students, we must continue to look at growth for all students as a measure of our effectiveness.”

Last year Redmond School District developed its own Performance Meter defining key indicators to continually measure and guide improvement efforts. The indicators are centered on the District goals for graduation, academic achievement, attendance, and teacher and principal effectiveness.

Redmond School District is committed to a focus on performance-based measures to evaluate and improve student achievement.  The targets in the RSD Performance Meter will act as a guidepost to help ensure the work continues toward the District’s promise of all students graduating from Redmond School District college prepared and career ready.

For more information see Oregon Report Card Frequently Asked Questions:

School and district report cards are available on the Department’s website at:


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