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Bend inventor Tony Aceti is traveling to Denver, Colorado this week to present his award winning game, WORD-ROULETTE, at the 8th annual DaVinci Inventor Showcase.

The event attracts inventors from around the Nation to spotlight their ideas to celebrity judges, professionals from all aspects of the new products industry, national media and Angle investors.

Aceti says, “The Idea started when I was a boy. My mother, Rose Aceti, modified a roulette wheel and made a spelling and math game for me. It was fun to spin and make words. But in the long run, I learned how to think, solve problems, follow the game rules and I honed social skills as I competed with others.” Over the past three years, Aceti improved, developed and produced the board game. In the last year, Aceti worked side by side with programmers to produce the on-line version that emulates the popular board game. Not only is the game educational for children, but it is challenging for all ages. “Most word games end after getting points for making words. I added a new element of fun; where everyone creates a “CRAZY PHRASE” from their words to read out loud for a good laugh and bonus points!”

“At the Showcase I am looking for the right investor who can mass market the board game, complete development of a phone app version and produce a television game show in English and other languages, all based on the WORD-ROULETTE game.”

Facebook has just approved the app version and it is available for free at: www.Spin4Words.com and clicking on the facebook link. “I am using social media to build brand recognition, promote the app and sell the board game online.”

Aceti owns the Hay Depot at Deschutes Junction. “I have spent my life in Central Oregon changing irrigation and cutting, baling, stacking, buying, selling and delivering hay. Developing the Game was my mom’s passing wish, so I have dedicated each box to her with a rose symbol and the words, Rose’s Dream.”

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