EARTH2o Announces New Product Line – EARTH2o Plus


Ever wondered what Opal Springs water tastes like after being infused with mango, cucumber or lemon essences?

Culver-based EARTH2O will begin selling those flavors in a new product that will roll out to its customers this month.

The company, which bottles and sells its natural spring water to markets in Central Oregon, the Pacific Northwest and China, has begun production this week of an electrolyte-enhanced, fruit-flavored product line that will soon hit the shelves in grocery stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores near you.

The product will be named EARTH2O Plus and will increase the company’s production by 30 percent, said Steve Emery, president of the company.

“This stuff is pretty good,” Emery said. “We’re using the essence of the fruit, so there is no sugar and there are no calories. You just get this amazing flavor.”

EARTH2O , which added a new bottle manufacturing plant in Culver a year ago, is now making 100 percent of its recycled bottles at the plant, resulting in a 60 percent carbon reduction, Emery said.

The company has 60 employees and has increased employment by 7 percent over the last year, he said.


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