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Nutritional Health, LLC, opened in February in Bend’s historic Park Building. Johanna M. Pemble’s new practice addresses nutrition from a holistic perspective to help identify and correct nutritional imbalances that can cause issues like allergies, digestive distress, energy and sleep imbalance, stress, chronic pain and more.

“The foundation of my practice is based on getting to the root of disturbing symptoms,” Pemble explained, “I specialize in assisting individuals that have struggled for quite some time to regain their health and vitality.”

Pemble has 15 years of experience in the nutritional supplement and wellness industry and has been a certified NTP (Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) as of 2008, her clinical path appearing after visiting Dr. Kevin Misenheimer’s practice, Vitality Northwest, in Portland.

“I was a patient there, that’s how I learned about him and his practice,” she commented. “I got so much help after searching far and wide for a very long time, then I realized how busy his clinic was and asked if he needed help.”

With that Pemble began her NTP clinical experience in an intensive graduate level training/clinical internship.

Working in the large clinic helped prepare her to start her own practice, but not without challenges. “Working in that clinic was such a blessing because I had the support of a fully staffed facility. I had excellent reception, scheduling, ordering, accounting, marketing, etc. all provided so I could focus on client care. Now I am doing every single task in the clinic, so there is a learning curve in terms of organization and prioritizing.”

Pemble moved to Bend last fall and spent a lot of time looking for a space. “I loved the location of the Park Building right across from Drake Park and free parking. It is a lovely, charming historic building, and most people don’t realize this was the first doctor’s clinic in Bend.” She shares the main floor of the building with other health care practitioners.

The NTP model of health focuses on five pillars of health: hydration, digestion, blood sugar balance, fatty acids balance and mineral balance, all standing upon a foundation of nutrient-dense, properly prepared whole foods. “It is much more holistic, that is what attracted me,” Pemble said. “It suited my experience and my philosophy.”

The patient process includes filling out an online nutritional assessment before the first appointment as well as completing a three-day food journal. After an in-depth, face-to-face interview, Pemble conducts a nervous system evaluation using the principles of Applied Kineaseology (AK) – a certification separate from her NTP training. “I use the AK principles to find out what might be blocking their ability to get well. I also get indicators as to which nutritional supplements their body might need to achieve the client’s individual health goals.

“Then I present them with a plan of action, going over food journals and educating them about what they test for in terms of stressors. Often it’s foods, and foods they eat a lot of. I educate them about these different foods then lay out a suggested plan. Sometimes I get down to details like writing down recipes or grocery lists. In general, most of the people I see in the clinic need approximately six weeks of a treatment plan to achieve their goals. I offer six-week programs that help reduce the cost of care.”

Pemble will recommend nutritional supplements, sourced from Standard Process – the oldest manufacturer of supplements in the country, or even lifestyle changes to get her patient’s health back on course. “It might just be a suggestion that they need to take a nap in the afternoons; we go into a lot more depth than just food and supplements,” she said.

“The plan can be rather simple, but not necessarily easy. Often people have to break old habits, so I have to be their biggest ally…I tend to get people that have searched for a long time,” Pemble said. “Because I was that kind of patient, I don’t want anybody to suffer as long as I did before getting some relief.”

Pemble served as a group leader for the Bend and Portland NTP certification courses for three years (the Bend course is offered through COCC), and also takes part in a Nutrition Forum at Dudley’s Coffeeshop in Bend Tuesdays at 5:30pm. Partnering with Registered Dietitian Jari Serra and NTP Beth Hattenberger, the women present a different subject each Tuesday followed by a question and answer session. “It’s of huge importance to me to be of service to the community…we want to increase the dialogue and the accessibility of nutrition to anyone that wants it,” she said.

“What we encourage the client to do is much more proactive than what you are going to generally get in a regular physicians office. I think the whole health care crisis is forcing the client to work on wellness and preventions before they get to a crisis of disease.

“Nutritional Therapy can offer guidance for people because it’s about the client taking accountability and responsibility for their own health. My main job is to educate and encourage and be their best cheerleader for making good food changes. As part of the big paradigm shift that’s happening, I would like to see this clinic become a strong vital option for Central Oregon residents in terms of their choices for health care,” Pemble concluded.

Nutritional Health, LLC, 731 NW Franklin Ave. Ste 105, Bend. johannantp@live.com, 541-977-1739.


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