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An elderly oasis in Redmond was established in 2009 by Carlene Karimalis-Kitchin. Since inception, she continues to make a big difference in how adult foster care is viewed.

She does this first by helping families understand the different levels of care, what to look for in the home they are considering as well as the key factors of what their loved one may or may not experience in the new environment regardless of whether or not they become a resident.

There is so much to take in and so much to consider that the process can be very overwhelming. You’ll find Karimalis-Kitchin to be a plethora of helpful information.

Central Oregon Adult Foster Care (COAFC) is a strong note in shifting families’ outlook of adult foster care, COAFC is Redmond’s premier and upscale home. “Not that scary brown house on the corner—families are taken aback by the look and feel of what a truly welcoming foster home is,” says Karimalis-Kitchin.  COAFC offers an abundance of services, and an opportunity for residents to maintain their independence in an intimate environment. It provides a life much different than the typical supposition or misguided opinion of what a foster care is.

Karimalis-Kitchin says her family and her staff work hard to create an atmosphere of belonging, happiness, healthiness and comfort. “With a keen eye for hospitality due in part to my ‘Greek Culture’ there truly is a feel and energy like no other,” she said.

Central Oregon Adult Foster Care, LLc

1532 NW Jackpine Ave., Redmond




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