SkidCar Training Course Offered by Deschutes County


Deschutes County’s defensive winter driving skills SkidCar training makes the perfect holiday gift to people of all ages on your shopping list! With winter ice and snow fast-approaching, a gift like this can better protect your friends and loved ones in the coming months.

Deschutes County offers SkidCar training classes seven-days-a-week, by appointment, with a maximum of three participants per class. Permitted drivers (age 15 and older) are welcome to take the course. Each class offers one hour of classroom instruction followed by three hours of hands-on driving.  Each graduate is provided with a letter and certificate of completion. Many insurance companies will offer premium discounts for completing the course.

How does the SkidCar work? The SkidCar system uses a regular street vehicle, which is mounted on a heavy frame with outriggers.  Driving demonstrations inside the SkidCar take place on an empty parking lot with plenty of open space. The instructor uses a hydraulic lift and a computer to raise the car, reducing traction on front tires, back tires, or both. The SkidCar can simulate the driving conditions of rain, ice, and snow, while allowing drivers to gain experience and confidence in a safe and controlled environment.

SkidCar training will teach participants:

1. Accountability behind the wheel: “100 percent vehicle control, 100 percent of the time”

2. Complete vehicle inspection techniques prior to operation

3. Principles of what makes tires work properly

4. Proper eye placement

5. Proper vehicle weight transfer management

6. Proper acceleration, steering and braking techniques

7. Trail braking techniques

8. Skid and slide prevention

9. Front-end and rear-end skid and slide control techniques

10. Front-end and rear-end skid recovery techniques

11. Line of sight cornering techniques

Class Hours: Daily, 8:00 a.m. to Noon, or 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. 

Cost: $90 per person – gift certificates are available now

Please call (541) 385-1749 or (541) 330-4631 to make an appointment or to purchase SkidCar gift cards. 

Please visit for details about the Deschutes County SkidCar training program. 


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