Lancair International’s 30th Year Filled with Innovation & Expansion


At the beginning of Lancair’s 30th year it is appropriate to point out that, although the core business of the company remains the same as it has been since its inception, the company is faced with a far different market and selling a very different product than those we offered 30 years ago. 

Lancair is known in the aviation industry as a company of innovation and high performance and that has facilitated our continuing growth. General aviation as a whole seems to have weathered another of the inevitable cyclical lows in the business cycle. But, a recent year-end analysis by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association pointed out that the leading indicators in a macroeconomic sense would suggest that the industry as a whole should be healthier than it actually is. 

Where, then, is the disconnect? Lancair believes it can’t be found in the data because it is the distinctly human trait of “confidence.” It will take some time without regression for concerns to ease and for our customers to make a buying decision. The latest information from GAMA, The General Aviation Manufacturers Association, portrays a very optimistic outlook for 2014. Significant in that sales data is that propeller driven aircraft, both piston and turbine powered, are trending up.

Although the aviation industry as a whole has endured the recent significant economic challenges, Lancair has also done better than many other aviation companies. Our position in the marketplace is unique and our products are among the finest available in the world. 

2013 was a satisfactory year at a time when many were unsatisfactory and we look forward 2014 to being exceptional. Our flagship product, the 320 mph, 4 seat, pressurized Turboprop Evolution is highly regarded and will be receiving several updates for 2014 which will make this aircraft appeal to a broader audience.

The international market for the Evolution is in its infancy but growing with Evolutions now in South Africa, Russia, The Czech Republic and soon, Brazil. We are expanding our international marketing efforts and expect the market to expand markedly. The Evolution is the only high performance aircraft in the six-seat or fewer Turbopropclass selling for less than two million dollars.

Enthusiastic buyers recognize that value and our smaller aircraft, the two place Lancair Legacy, remains the only aircraft offering its level of performance in the under $300,000 pricerange. Lancair continues to expand into other areas where our core competencies of composite material fabrication can be utilized. As our advertising and non-aviation work product becomes more widely seen, these opportunities are likely to increase. UAV, “Green” industry, recreational and marine products are just some of the areas where we have participated and we continue to pursue these opportunities. 

Lancair needs to expand to consolidate our manufacturing into one location from the current three and we are working diligently with the local economic development organizations to facilitate that the expansion occur here in Central Oregon. Current employment in Redmond remains just over 50 full time people and it is our hope to increase that number especially if we are able to expand here.

The outlook at Lancair is for blue skies ahead! Doug Meyer Director Sales and MarketingLancair International 541-923-2244 x 120


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