Rep. Conger Opposes Partisan Redistricting Plan


SALEM— Rep. Jason Conger (R-Bend) opposed the new legislative redistricting plan, saying the new maps were inappropriately drawn to provide maximum advantage to incumbent legislators and one political party.

“The new plan violates the spirit of Oregon’s redistricting law, and does a disservice to the people of Bend and Central Oregon,” Rep. Conger said. “If drawn according to the law, our communities would have adequate and effective representation in Salem. Instead, we have a plan that’s drawn to favor incumbent legislators and one political party.”

Rep. Conger said the people of Bend and Central Oregon deserve a map that assures all of its districts are contiguous and do not divide communities of interest.  If these and other legal criteria were met, he says the region would have more balanced districts and, effectively, more competitive campaigns across the map.

“Oregonians shouldn’t buy the spin of some politicians that this plan is fair, balanced and legal, because the plan has none of these qualities,” Rep. Conger said.  “It’s small-minded and short-sighted when districts are negotiated and drawn to achieve a desired political outcome.  Partisan outcomes are not good for our state, and I will continue to call for an independent commission to take politics out of this process in the future.”


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