Energy Healing & Yoga Studio Opens in Sisters


Jeff Sanders, Brennan Healing Science practitioner, has opened a studio and healing center at 114 N. Oak St. in Sisters. He is the originator of Hara Yoga, Corporate UpShifting and ThirdBody Healing.

Brennan Healing Science is a hands-on healing modality that uses non-invasive touch and the regulation of specific energy frequencies to promote healing and health on all levels of one’s being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The intention is to empower each client to move toward total health through the self-understanding and the recognition of their own innate ability to heal.

Hara Yoga incorporates physical movement with awareness of the mental and emotional components present. The intention is to take our physical practice as an analogy for the rest of our life. If we can identify where we are creating resistance we can reduce that resistance. The reduction of resistance leads to effortless manifestations of our intentions, goals and desires.

Corporate UpShifting works with the energy present in companies. Corporate UpShifting clears accumulated stress and resentment. It allows the employees to see and feel the upside of all situations, find creative, efficient solutions to challenges and then allow themselves to embody their successes creating a lasting sense of fulfillment and purpose.

ThirdBody Healing works with any two people in relationship that would like to clear and charge their connection. Designed for couples, mother/daughter, father/son, siblings, close friends and people working through divorce/separation. It first clears or transforms the anger, disappointment, frustration, guilt, jealousy, shame, and worry into a shared vital life force. The shared energy of the relationship, the Third Body, is harmonized to clarify, deepen and empower the relationship enhancing communication, playfulness, authenticity and intimacy.

Hara Yoga & Healing, 541-588-6450,


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