CCI Tec Moves to Downtown Bend


Cochenour Consulting, rebranded as CCI Tec, has moved to a location on Bond Street in downtown Bend. “The company is experiencing rapid growth and so we moved to a larger, more central location to accommodate our new hires.” said Devon Cochenour, owner and president of CCI Tec. “A key benefit of our new office is that our employees have access to local businesses within walking distance of our office.”

Rebranding Cochenour Consulting as CCI Tec was a decision to reduce the confusion of the spelling and pronunciation of Cochenour Consulting. “For name recognition and online searching, the acronym CCI made more sense. The addition of Tec was a natural evolution that reflects the high-tech nature of our business,” says Tom Canter, director of development at CCI Tec.

CCI Tec is a private consulting company and a Microsoft Partner. CCI Tec helps companies transform their data to actionable information by building business intelligence solutions using the Microsoft platform. Over the course of their careers, Cochenour and Canter have implemented FIX and SWIFT financial solutions, HIPAA, HL7, and other healthcare solutions and Rosetta Net and EDI manufacturing integration solutions. CCI Tec is a member of the elite Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialists program for BizTalk Server.


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