Cascade Alchemy Opens in Bend



Locally-owned Cascade Alchemy, a craft distillery located in Bend, is ownered by Tyler Fradet and Ross Wordhouse.

Cascade Alchemy will focus on specialty spirits that are made entirely within their distillery. “The craft spirit world now is much like the craft beer world was back in 1992: a lot of sameness in product offerings with small pockets of creative innovation,” says Ross.” We’re going to explore different ingredients and taste profiles that mainstream distillers don’t touch on; it’s going to be a fun ride!”

Unlike many distilleries that re-distill or bottle bulk, pre-made spirits, Cascade Alchemy will be truly hand-crafted from traditional elements, fermented on site, then distilled. “It’s a tougher road to take, but it’s worth it in the end,” says Tyler. The on-site process of ingredient selection, fermentation, distillation and maturation will give the company the flexibility to explore and offer new and unique flavor profiles to its customers.


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