QR Codes Breathe New Life into Central Oregon Promotional Marketing Company



ll of a sudden they seem to be everywhere – you see that black puzzle looking square on product spec sheets, realtor signs, retail windows, and now one Central Oregon promotional marketing company is adding them to their client’s custom branded promotional products.
QR coding is drastically changing the way Breakout Promotional Marketing’s clients promote themselves and the products or services they offer.  “Advances in technology combined with our client’s desires to ‘go green,’ have resulted in a significant increase in the demand for use of QR codes on promotional products.  Adding a QR code to a promotional item boosts its promotional potential by giving new and previous customers a way to say ‘thank you’ and ‘don’t forget about us,’” says Chris Piper, partner/business development of Breakout.

The best way to build a customer relationship is to make interaction as easy as possible.  QR codes are proving themselves to be one of the best ways for businesses to connect people directly to their Website, YouTube Videos, Commercials, or Print Campaigns and the promotional product is vast becoming the QR Codes delivery vehicle.  One simple scan from most smart phones will do the trick.  Scan and you’re there.  

“The combination of branded (and now QR coded products) with traditional advertising results in a much stronger initial impact and a far ‘stickier”, longer term, result for our client.  With limited budgets and a greater need for measurable results (ROI) we believe we have the solution for many companies”, says Tom Showalter, partner/operations of Breakout.

“Breakout provides consultation on when and how QR Codes benefit a client’s campaign – QR Codes are not always the right solution but because of its growing popularity it has definitely re-energized our business and enhanced our working relationships with our clients (businesses, advertising agencies, event management businesses and sport teams). We’ve tested and implemented several products using the QR codes and continue to invest our resources in this technology to benefit our customers and strategic partners. Whatever the nature of your business, QR codes paired with custom promotional products is a guaranteed way to keep you in front of your audience and ahead of your competitors.”

Breakout Promotional Marketing is based in Sisters with clients in Oregon and throughout the United States demonstrating the value and effectiveness of integrating branded apparel and products into their client’s overall marketing campaigns.
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