How to Boost Your Website Conversions


What is the overriding purpose of a your website? To gain conversions—to bring you sales and new customers. Increasing your online sales conversions requires more than just having a website, it requires that you employ progressive techniques that put you in front of the right people and make buying easy and attractive to them.

Here are a few keys to boost your website conversions:

Start with an effective website.
Your website is your storefront, and just like a brick and mortar store, your website needs to be clean and well organized. Potential will quickly leave a visually-cluttered website with too much information. Easy-to-navigate, professional design with a clear logo and attractive typography is crucial. Content is also very important. Include information about your products and services, prices and fees, written in a style your customers can relate to. Make it easy for your customer to make an immediate, informed decision to buy. Be concise and always include a call to action.

Optimize your site for the search engines
There are many techniques that need to be employed to get and maintain your website on page one of organic search engine results for both organic results and pay-per-click. I recommend having a professional run your Search Engine Marketing (SEM), as a successful program requires constant and specialized work. (And not just a web designer, but a real SEM specialist. Having a web designer run your SEM program is like having a tool manufacturer build you a house!) Every aspect of your website should be geared to increasing your search engine ranking. One major technique is to research keywords and incorporate them into the content of your site. Keywords with high search volume indicate what people want to read about, so focus on those topics. For more information on SEM, visit and our blog at

Utilize the power of social media.
Social media relates directly to the power of your website to drive sales. The major search engines factor social media activity heavily in rating your website. That means that, the more action you have on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the better chance you have of landing on page #1. Be sure to publish your blog posts and articles on all your social media on a frequent basis, and encourage followers to comment. Search engines factor in shares and tweets when ranking content and they will improve your organic search ranking results. You must interact regularly with your followers and build your fan base to keep this beneficial conversation going. You can use your keyword research in your social media, to stay up on topics of interest to the public, as these can change dramatically for various reasons. People who are searching for “Christmas treats” in December, may be searching for “New Year’s diets” in January. For more tips, visit our Facebook at

Point people in the right direction.
It’s a mistake to link everyone to your home page. Instead, provide links to the pages people are interested in. For instance, if you are discussing a product on Facebook, provide a link to that product page, not your home page. People will get impatient if they have to search your site for what they are interested in. The same goes for links you may include in ads and search engine results. Custom landing pages with clear calls to action are easy to create and can be very effective in converting sales.

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