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Location/website: (Headquarters) 725 SW Umatilla Ave, Redmond, OR 97756, 541-316-2400. (Retail Store-Great Outdoors) 320 SW Century Parkway, Bend, OR 97702. 541-316-3900,

CEO: Mike Morford

No. Employees: 100+

Year Established: 1997

Product/Service: Online retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment.

Hot News: Opened their first retail store, The Great Outdoors, October 2011.

Outlook for Growth: Retail store is the largest selection of outdoor gear and clothing in Central Oregon

Butler Aircraft Services

Location:/website: 705 SE Salmon Ave., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-1355,

Owner: Travis Mann

No. Employees: 38

Year Established: 1946

Product/Service: Discovery flights over Central Oregon and flight lessons.

Hot News: Butler Aviation received a Special Public Works Fund (SPWF) loan of $478,000 and a SPWF grant of $50,000 to help construct a new hangar in Madras.

Outlook for Growth: Butler Aviation estimates an additional $20 million in economic impact in the region over the next decade and anticipates the creation of 15 full-time jobs.

Central Oregon Trucking Company (part of Daseke Inc.)

Location/website: 394 NE Hemlock Ave., Redmond, OR 97756, 800-394-0222,

CEO: Rick Williams, Chairman & CEO

No. Employees: 225

Year Established: 1992

Product/Service: Flatbed hauling. Fleet of late-model Kenworth trucks, coupled with a new 28,000-square-foot driver facility, give the company’s drivers amenities unrivalled in the trucking industry.

Hot News: In August 2013 joined with Daseke Inc. to bring another premier flatbed hauler into the Daseke family of businesses. Opportunity for Central Oregon Truck Co. to maintain its own culture, identity, brand and management structure while taking advantage of the added resources that Daseke has to offer.

Outlook for Growth: Grown from being a flatbed carrier throughout the 11 western states, into a national player with customers and loads throughout the lower 48 states and in Canada.

Chase Doors Industries

Location:/website: 2809 SW 13th St., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-8787,

General Manger: Mike Hoekstra

No. Employees: 85

Year Established: 1980

Product/Service: Plastic doors, custom plastic rotational moulding, traffic doors.

Hot News: Recently added a new strip door curtain system and air doors to their specialty door product line.

Outlook for Growth: Nationwide has over 300 employees and five vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and has become a global leader in high-quality door systems.

CIES, Inc.

Location:/Website: 221SE Timber Ave., Redmond, OR 97756,

CEO/Founder: Scott Philiben

No. Employees: 6

Year Established: 2010

Product/Service: Manufacture digital and analog fuel, LPG, oil and glycol senders for aircraft, marine, truck, bus and other high value applications. Highly accurate, intrinsically and retrofit existing level sensors for transportation and the fuel storage market.

Hot News: 2013 received Vendor of the Year award from Cirrus by maintaining a supplier rating of 100 percent for most of the year. Continuing to add customers around the world.

Outlook for Growth: Fuel level sending is a multi-billion dollar per year industry, almost every vehicle from planes, trains, automobiles, trucks, boats, buses recreational vehicles, heavy equipment utilize a fuel level sender. CiES inc holds a critical patent in non contact fuel level measurement and is generating unique solutions with every application as well as outstanding vendor relationships. CIES Inc. is now delivering prototype fuel sending units to solve difficult issues for the automotive, marine and LPG tank manufacturers and markets. Anticipate further announcements of OEM product acceptance of innovative sending technology throughout the year.

CR Fabrication Limited

Location:/Website: 833 SE First St., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-548-4369,

Owners: Casey & Leslie Mott

No. Employees: 19

Year Established: 200

Product/Service: Producers of fabricated and manufactured metal products from detailed unique handrail designs to structural steel products, hitch and trailer repairs and custom trailer builds. CR Fabrication also services the aviation industry with ground support equipment.

Hot News: Purchased new facility in December 2012, facility includes 25,000 square foot fabrication facility and 4,500 square foot paint facility; and continues to expand capabilities and services in the metal fabrication and manufacturing markets nation wide.

Outlook for Growth: Experience and resources allow company to work from customers furnished ideas, design drawings or from designs and plans that we generate in-house through consultation with the client.

Key Technology Incorporated

Location:/website: 975 SW First St, Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-3997,

CEO: John “Jack” Ehren

No. Employees: 20

Year Established: 1984

Product/Service: Machinery for the food processing industry.

Hot News: Introduced its three-way sorting capability on Optyx, a new advancement that makes this camera/laser sorter ideal for walnuts, raisins, dates, cherries and other small-sized products.

Outlook for Growth: July 2013 signed an exclusive licensing agreement with EVK DI Kerschhaggl GmbH and Insort GmbH to deploy Chemical Imaging Technology (CIT), an advanced value-added hyperspectral solution, further enhancing potato sorting capabilities.

Lancair International

Location/website: 250 SE Timber Ave., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-2244,

CEO: Robert Wolstenholme, majority owner and chair of LCTI/Lancair International; Lance A. Neibauer, founder

No. Employees: 60

Year Established: 1984

Product/Service: Manufacturer of high-performance owner-built aircraft and composite structures.

Hot News: Completed extensive testing and system improvement using the Avidyne TWX670 Lightning Detection System on the Evolution.

Outlook for Growth: Carbon Fiber Evolution presents unique challenges for lightning detection systems. The Evolution’s carbon fiber airframe can create its own electrical discharge signature which can interfere with a traditional lightning detection system. The advanced signal processor utilized by the TWX670 recognizes this information and filters it out, allowing the critical 0 to 25 nm lightning discharges to be accurately displayed on the Garmin G900x MFD without airframe interference.

LMH Industries

Location/website: 2095 SW Badger Ave., Redmond OR 97756. 541-548-2800,

Contact: Wanda Rasmussen, Controller

No. Employees: 100+

Year Established: 2011

Product/Service: Produce the highest quality cable assemblies using all types of military connectors including Amphenol Nexus, Glenair, ODU, Teledyne and more. Major producer of custom over molds for various types of military connectors.

Hot News: Labor growth rate exceeded expectations for the 2011/2012 year and are now treading with a eight percent increase each quarter.

Outlook for Growth: The cable assembly market is a sizable one at $100 billion dollars worldwide. 2013: expansion and additional construction of facilities will be completed by year end with expected growth of employee base to 125.

Maretron of Redmond

Location/website: 2121 SW Deerhound Ave. Ste 101. Redmond, OR 97756, 866-550-9100

CEO: Kip Wasilewski Director of Sales for the Americas

No. Employees: 4

Year Established: 2003

Product/Service: Navigation, weather and monitoring products to aid travel on the high seas. Marine electronic and networking equipment for commercial and recreational boats including tugboats, fireboats, offshore supply ships and pleasure craft larger than 40 feet.

Hot News: June 2013 Maretron announced the release of its cellular modem (SMS100) that automatically sends text message alerts from your vessel to your phone. The SMS100 works in conjunction with Maretron displays and NMEA 2000 sensors to automatically notify you of problems while you’re away from the boat.

Outlook for Growth: December 2012 released multi-function 3.5” color display, which is capable of displaying NMEA 2000 navigational and vessel monitoring information. The new DSM150 consumes a minimal amount of power, is completely waterproof, sunlight readable, and has 16 user configurable favorite screens.


Location/website: 2747 SW Sixth St., Redmond, OR 97756-7109, 541-923-3310,

CEO: Jason McKibbin

No. Employees: 55

Year Established: 1997

Product/Service: A FDA-registered medical device reprocessor. Recognized Single Use Device reprocessing leader in the ASC market place. The company is the preferred service provider to thousands of surgeons and healthcare facilities across the nation.

Hot News: Reprocessing is highly regulated by the FDA, and only three companies nationwide do it – Medisiss being the third-largest and the only one in Oregon.

Outlook for Growth: Addressing the rising cost of healthcare and the need to reduce medical waste. Processes medical devices that have traditionally been used only once. After a series of rigorous cleaning, inspection and sterilization protocols, MediSISS returns a clean, functional and sterile device for 50 percent less than the cost of a new instrument.

Mountain High Equipment and Supply

Location/website: 2244 SE Airport Way, Suite 100, Redmond, OR 97756,, 541-923-4100.

CEO: Patrick McLaughlin

No. Employees: 15

Year Established: 1985

Product/Service: Custom built-in and carry on aviation oxygen systems and support accessories for private pilots, hang gliders, sailplanes and high-altitude adventurers around the globe

Hot News: innovative EDS products, an exclusive electronic “Pulse-Demand” adaptive oxygen delivery machines.

Outlook for Growth: Premium devices and equipment have been targeted to not only the personal-built aircraft market, but have also been designed to meet and exceed many minimum requirements detailed by SAE, AIRs, ARPs and the FAA.

PAPÉ Kenworth

Location/website: 580 NE Hemlock, Redmond, OR 97756, 541-504-7731,

General Manager: Mike Pati

No. Employees: 11

Year Established: 1938

Product/Service: Serves capital equipment needs including the construction, forestry, agriculture, warehousing, materials handling and trucking industries with new and used heavy and medium duty trucks.

Hot News: 2013 opened a new 16,000 square foot full-service dealership on three acres fronting Highway 97 and the new facility carries Kenworth’s full line of medium and heavy duty trucks.

Outlook for Growth: Grown to 11 members with the support of a variety of customers and the local community and anticipate adding more as business continues to build.

PCC Schlosser

Location:/Website: 345 NE Hemlock Ave., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-548-0766,

CEO: Keith Colvin

No. Employees: 220

Year Established: 1989

Product/Service: A subsidiary of PCC Structural, Inc., headquartered in Portland. They manufacture complex titanium castings for use in the aerospace industry, and for the U.S. Military.

Hot News: Quickly becoming a leader in the manufacture of medical prosthetics. June 2013 acquired Permaswage SAS (Permaswage), a world-leading designer and manufacturer of aerospace fluid fittings, for $600 million.

Outlook for Growth: As the full force of the Affordable Care Act comes to bear on the medical industry, it is now more imperative than ever to have prosthetics that last, and cut down on a patients follow up visits.

RDD Enterprises/Northstar Flight Lab

Location:/Website: 2244 SE Airport Way, Redmond, 97756, 541-504-0305,,

CEO: David McRae, Mark Mahnke

No. Employees: 17

Year Established: 2007

Product/Service: A brand new Redbird FMX full motion flight simulator has arrived and entered into service at RDD. The simulator is a fully approved for IPC and BFR recurrent training. Provides aviation training to pilots.

Hot News: Opened FAA certified simulator February 2013 to flight instructors and the general public to experience flying a plane.

Outlook for Growth: A brand new Redbird FMX full motion flight simulator has arrived and entered into service at RDD! The simulator is a fully approved for IPC and BFR recurrent training. Check out the Flight Training tab for more information.

Redmond Black Rifle (Colfax Tactical LLC)

Location:/Website: 1950 SW Badger Ave. Unit 106, Redmond, Oregon 97756,, 541-548-2715

Owners: Larry and Karen Myers

Year Established: 2008

Product/Service: Manufacture of AR-15 and 308 parts. Retail operation including firearm accessories and prepper supplies from food storage to gas masks.

Hot News: Source of AR15 or LR 308 parts specializing in assisting you build your own rifle or purchase one ready to shoot. Carry most components for AR’s and 308’s and tactical hand guns.

Outlook for Growth: Fully equipped CNC machining operated manufacture.

RES Equine

Location:/Website: 1440 NW 87th Street, Redmond OR, 97756, 541-604-1919,

CEO: Brett Mills

No. Employees: 4

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Innovative bell and splint boots with replaceable colorful velcro closures.

Hot News: October 2011 lassoed the grand prize of $250,000, winning the launch stage investment from Bend Venture Conference.

Outlook for Growth: RES evolved out of many years of dealing with premature failure of Velcro type hook and loop closures on bell boots used for Rodeo, Barrel Racing and Team Roping.

Smith Brothers Pushrods

Location:/Website: 62958 Layton Ave. Suite 4, Redmond, OR 97756, 541-388-8188,

CEO: Dennis Marshall

No. Employees: 7

Year Established: 1999

Product/Service: Provides pushrods for most engines. From an early Chrysler Hemi, Rolls-Royce, Harley Davidson, John Deere, Triumph to single or dual tapered, 4130 chromoly, 2024 T-3 aluminum or 3AL 2.5V titanium.

Hot News: Moved from Bend to new 30,000 square foot location in Redmond enterprise zone in December 2012.

Outlook for Growth: From Top Fuel to Tractor Pulls and all forms in between, evolves with the racing industry to offer strength and durability needed in today’s competition.


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