Nicole Michelle Premier Home Décor Boutique Opens in Bend, Oregon


Your home is your refuge, the environment that is distinctly you. For some, the décor of the home is so special that they consider items to be future family heirlooms, and so they are selective and discerning about style and quality. A certain ethic and expectation of sustainable, unique artisanship for creating one’s special space leads to discerning preferences. One new woman-owned business brings the beauty of premier décor to the Pacific Northwest, right here in Bend.

Nicole Michelle began with the seeds of an idea when founder Nicole Hunzicker could not find tableware and bed linen home décor items in Bend to match her own aesthetic and artisan values. She realized that the two options available were to buy very common, mass-produced brands from stores, or purchase selections through the impersonal online marketplace.

“Since most of our items are hand-crafted by artisans, they might be a little more expensive initially than what you may find at some of the big chains stores, but actually present a much better value in the long run as their useful life is often four to six times as long,” according to Nicole. “For example, we carry linen sheets made from organically-sourced flax. Whereas cotton sheets tend to decline over years of use, linen sheets actually grow stronger and softer with use. Additionally, cultivation, harvest and production of flax plants is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than even organic cotton. Some people actually pass down their bed linens as valued family heirlooms!”

Walking into Nicole Michelle is like entering another world, redolent with a warm and nurturing peace. Conscientiously-sourced artisan décor selections offer myriad options to express beauty in your surroundings. In this fetchingly inviting boutique created in one of Bend’s historic Newport avenue residences, home décor specialists guide you through a Shangri-La of high-quality natural bed linens, tableware and other décor items.  A pastiche of table setting and inviting bed displays present options for sublime décor.

Nicole Michelle is a family business, leveraging the CFO talents of husband, Andrew and providing an opportunity to model responsible business to their two youngest sons, 7 and 9, who will have their own store within a store, Whirl Squirrel, as a part of their homeschooling educational experience. The Hunzickers have extensive experience in organizational management. In 2002, they founded the non-profit Touchstone Youth Project, which has grown into a thriving social enterprise helping disadvantaged youth gain confidence and dignity through rock climbing, mentoring and life-skills cultivation.

Nicole is exceedingly conscientious with a heart for supporting the greater good. She has an affinity for art, a background in architectural studies, and a strong belief in the importance of learning through self-led study. In addition to being a wife and mother of three growing boys, she loves helping others make their homes warm, inviting and distinctive.

Stop by Nicole Michelle at 1132 NW Newport Avenue in Bend, across the street from Newport Market and visit them on the Web at



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