Nothing’s Worse Than An Afternoon Slump In The New Normal


No matter how productive or time-efficient we strive to be, we all get those episodes of drowsiness and feeling lethargic just out of the blue, forcing us to take a breather when we still have a lot more important matters to attend to. And the worst of these episodes are the afternoon slumps that come rolling around at exactly 2:00 pm, whispering sweet words of siesta time when you should really be completing your work from home responsibilities in this new normal.

In fact, these cases of afternoon slump robbing us of precious work time (but giving us that much-needed revenge sleep) is a rampant issue that’s plaguing every household worldwide. And so, to get to the bottom of this sleepy problem, we’ll be uncovering the secrets as to why they happen and how you can overcome them to take back full control of your afternoon in one fell swoop.

It’s Not Rocket Science; It’s Your Lifestyle Needing Professional Review

To put it bluntly, it’s not rocket science, nor is there a super complex backstory behind that sudden lethargic feeling that overtakes your body every afternoon; it’s more of your lifestyle in desperate need of a check-up. And if you’re guilty of not doing the healthiest things and engaging in active hobbies, then that right there is the elephant in the room balancing on your shoulder to get you to pass out every afternoon.

#1 You’re Not Getting Enough Rest Due To Work Stress

Working from home and navigating through this remote setup has become a common denominator behind a lot of work stress, and if you find yourself suffering from the same fate, then you might not be getting enough rest. Sure, there’s some merit in working like clockwork and getting things done all robot-style, but remember that your body also needs a recharge.

  • Don’t Sacrifice Sleep To Meet Every Deadline: We understand that some deadlines and projects deserve losing some hours of sleep, but don’t approach every single work responsibility this way. You’re only leading yourself down an unhealthy route toward burnout, which will only put you in worse shape. So, try to get a good night’s rest to start your day right and prevent the need for afternoon napping.
  • Don’t Overthink All Work Projects To The Last Detail: Look, we know that putting your 110% focus on work responsibilities is great for bringing out better quality, but please avoid overthinking every work project down to the last detail. You see, staring at screens all day long is already bad itself and burdensome on the mind, and you wouldn’t want more of that stress accumulating out of being super detail-oriented.

#2 You’ve Been Slacking On Your Diet And Exercise

We love taking breaks and eating chips in our free time just as much as the next guy, but for all those who’ve been slacking on their diet and exercise these past few months, don’t expect your energy levels to remain the same as your peak condition. Food and active movement heavily impact our awareness, and the lack thereof is a dead giveaway as to why you’re having these afternoon slumps every day.

  • Try Scheduling Your Workouts In The Afternoon: One excellent way of hitting two birds with one stone is by scheduling your workouts directly on top of the time you’d usually start to feel drowsy in the afternoon. This gives you an excuse to introduce some movement to your day, prevent those eyes from falling, and also preps your body for that next dream retreat destination.
  • Avoid Overloading Your Meals With Sugar And Carbs: Good food is the source of all our renewable energy, so if you’re stuffing your meals with a bit too much sugar and carbs, then don’t expect your body to output anything of quality. Your body needs a balanced meal to keep going and stay healthy; therefore, we strongly recommend picking up a cookbook to discern where your cooking skill stands.

#3 Your Body’s Internal Clock Is Changing And You Need Energy Boosters

Last but not least, the body changes naturally with age, and if you’re not guilty of the reasons mentioned, it might just be your body’s internal clock tweaking its settings and matching the needs of adulthood. And if that is the case, then all you need is some energy boosters to help keep you motivated for longer.

  • Get A Bit Of Sunlight Now And Then: We spend too much time inside cooped up in our bedrooms, and while that may seem like the safest and most logical way to spend our time, let’s not forget that the sunlight helps keep us energetic as well. So, take the opportunity to go outside now and then, and let the world know you’re grabbing it by the reigns by wearing that brand-new outfit and flaunting your gorgeous custom-made birthstone accessories.

Regain Control Over Your Afternoons!

Overall, we firmly believe that everyone should regain control of their afternoons to stay productive and efficient amid this new normal. So, please take note of the parameters mentioned above, and configure your afternoon schedule to fit your circumstances better.

Meta title: Overcoming Afternoon Slumps For Good In The New Normal
meta desc: We all get tired sometimes, but if there’s one phase everybody tries their best to avoid, it’s coming down with a case of the afternoon slump in this new normal. Keep reading and learn how you can effectively avoid the afternoon drowsiness episodes for good.


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