November is National Diabetes Awareness Month


Synergy Health & Wellness Raises Awareness & Helps Community with Navigating Diabetes Education & Holiday Meal Ideas

National Diabetes Awareness Month is a time when communities across the country come together to raise awareness about diabetes and support those living with it. The Synergy Health & Wellness nutrition and diabetes therapy team are dedicated to educating those affected (either personally, a friend or family member) locally with free virtual events throughout the month, including support resources for navigating diabetes, weekly recipes and a membership drive for Central Oregon Type 2 Diabetes support community.

An estimated 34.2 million (all ages) or 10.5 percent of the U.S. population have diabetes and 88 million adults (approximately one in three) have prediabetes, according to the 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report by the CDC. Diabetes occurs at every age, in people of every race, gender and of every shape and size. While some people can balance their blood sugar levels with eating and movement, others may need medication or insulin to help manage it. Diabetes distress can take a toll on those affected so having a strong support team is key to thriving with diabetes. 

Synergy will feature a Diabetes Month webpage where weekly education, recipes and virtual events will be shared at synergyhealthbend/diabetesmonth on the following dates:

November 1: Fermenting for Flavor!

Synergy’s team of dietitians and OHSU interns will present tips on use of fermented foods for added flavor! Learn about ways to add flavor without extra sugar or sodium. While this video is shared as part of our month-long list of diabetes-related events, fermenting for flavor is appropriate for everyone (with or without diabetes).

November 23: It’s a Blood-Sugar-Friendly Thanksgiving!

Hosted by Kacey Conyers, diabetes educator from Team Synergy, will discuss intuitive eating, mindfulness practices and balancing blood sugars and your plate while enjoying traditional Thanksgiving fare.    

Synergy’s next Thriving with Diabetes four-week session begins January 16, 2021. Sessions will be held every Saturday 9-11am. Participants can choose to attend in person or virtually. Sign up at • 541-323-3488


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