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The demands of a digitally driven world require far more vigilance and care than ever before. In the past, protecting your money, for instance, was as simple as putting your wallet into a less conspicuous pocket, whereas the migration to all things online today has users at risk of cyber hacks. Online casinos are fun, and have in the past decade, risen in popularity at incredible rates due to a wide variety of games, ease of access, and the benefit of being able to play on any device whenever a user wishes to do so. This, however, still puts millions at risk of fraud and hacking, and choosing an online casino may be tough. It is highly recommended that you check out reviews, and you can find those on review sites like Japan-101 – these sites provide extensive information on the best online casinos in the industry like Casino Secret. These casinos are reliable and safe, and you can enjoy your game without being scared that you’ll get scammed. But, despite this being great advice, you will surely use a few additional tips on how to use a safe casino, so here they are.

Payment and Customer Support
Online casinos should have their contact details displayed on their websites. This is a good indicator that you will have the option of customer support should you need it. The last thing you need is to have a problem with a deposit or withdrawal and no one to speak to! A casino that offers a variety of payment options understands that there are users who may not be comfortable with supplying their debit or credit card details to strangers. Added payment options such as PayPal are a good sign to look for.

Encryption is a tool that turns your personal and financial data into a form of unbreakable code. Casinos generally use 128 or 256-bit encryption which is along the same line of security that your bank uses. But how will you know whether your data is encrypted? Any website name that begins with “HTTP” is SSL-certified, which means that your information is encrypted, so be sure to check your toolbar.

Random Number Generators
Think of something like a lottery system. A random number generator is used to generate a sequence of unpredictable numbers or symbols. In a casino, this is basically an algorithm that is used to deal with games. These algorithms in turn use a seed number to generate random results, and both these inputs are unknown. This is a security feature that prevents the algorithm from being hacked. In addition to this, casinos are also tested for fairness by third parties such as Technical Systems Testing (TST), and if they pass, will have a badge displayed on their websites. Companies like TST also have a list of these casinos that have been tested on their website and include information like their payout percentages.

Terms and conditions
The importance of reading through the terms and conditions cannot be stressed enough. We know it’s tedious, but this gives you all the information that you need regarding payouts, your personal information and privacy, and casino information in general. You can usually find this at the bottom of their website. Take screenshots if you can because casinos have the habit of changing or tweaking these without you knowing.

Offline Casinos go through a rigorous process before obtaining their licenses from a local or state gaming authority. The casino has to be confirmed as legitimate to operate, and regular checks are continuously carried out to ensure that all is in order and that they keep their license. The process is less stringent for online casinos and the commissions and gambling authorities are not as tough on them meaning that there is a greater possibility for error. It is a good idea to check to see who those authorities are and keep in mind that some do also post a list of compliant casinos on their websites.

The bottom line is that your security matters, and if casinos don’t have these measures in place, look elsewhere. It’s also important to remember that these safeguards are not a guarantee, in which case, it is an excellent option to join an online community or forum. People are more than willing to share their experiences, and, positive or negative, if a trend is clear in these communities, it is an excellent indicator of what to expect.


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