Online casinos: the most popular games for you to have a great time and make money


Online casinos are crushing it when it comes to gambling nowadays. It’s a safe way to bet, you can do it from the comfort of your couch while listening to music and having a drink, and, at the same time, you are safe from exposing yourself to Covid-19.

These are the go-to option for a lot of people, because it has a wide variety of games, and they even have a dealer in front of a camera at best live casinos online, so you can feel that personal touch that classic casinos have.

So, in this article we are going to list the most popular games so you can play the best of them, while you make extra crash.


A classic, even if it is adapted to online gaming. This is one of the most popular option among the others, not only because of the adrenaline you feel when you are playing and thinking what your next move will be, but because of the rewards.

There are different types of poker, with little variations in terms of rules and how you can make you bets. But, of course, Texas Hold’em is the “chosen one” of poker, but Pot Limit Omaha, Casino Hold’em are gaining players over online casino apps and websites.

It is worth to mention that video poker is very popular too, and requires the same concentration and skills as the others, but without the human touch a live dealer can provide and it is a more “virtual” type of poker.


Another classic, so popular and so entertaining. Just watch the ball going into that spinning disk and get a high price to your wallet. You can play virtual ones or search for a live dealer casino and watch it in real time.

As in poker, there are many types of roulettes to choose from, and every type has its own panel of numbers and colors to bet, so here are the most popular ones:

  • European Roulette: depending on which country are you, this could be the most common type of roulette for you. This option has 37 numbers, including “0”. It is as simple as it gets, choosing from colors, even numers, first 12, second 12 and third 12 numbers, among other options to place a bet on.
  • American Roulette: we could say that is a modern version of the European roulette. The main differences is that this type has 38 options to choose from, because it has a box for “0” and another one for “00”, this favors the house chances of winning over you.

There are two variations of this roulettes, when it comes to playing:

  • 3D option: you could bet on a 3D roulette, very easy to understand how and when to bet, and you can see on real time which number did the ball fall into.
  • Live dealer option: if you prefer betting on a live casino online mode, in this variation you get to see a real person putting the ball in real time in a real roulette, so you can feel a more realistic environment.


With a strange name, this is a very popular game that was widely known after Agent 007 novels. In simple words, it is similar to Blackjack, but in this case, you are betting in order to get a 9 instead of 21, but with other differences of card values and rules.

This is a very entertaining option, it is player in a fast paced way and you can find different varieties of this game and with a wide range of options to bet on.


Who doesn’t love those nerves when you see the first card dealt and hoping you get a good one after it?

When you are at a casino (live/online mode) you probably want to play to this old-time favorite for a lot of people. Have fun playing this classic game on a virtual variation, or choosing a live dealer option.

Be aware to carefully read the information that the website or app provides about this game, because some online casinos offer Blackjack and other games with a few variations on the classic versions, so don’t forget to pay attention to those details.

Last but not least

Finally, you can always have a good time with these other options:

  • If you love watching at a colorful screen with sounds that get you very excited, you can play at slot machines, that offer a huge variety of themes (Greek, Egypt, wild animals, movies, cinema, horror films, etc.).

If you love playing dice and how the odds may favor you, Craps it’s a great game for you to enjoy and have a relaxing time, waiting for that lucky number to appear on those black dots.


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