Oregon Adaptive Sports Renovations by Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores from Bend & Redmond, Oregon


The Lowe’s Bend and Redmond stores are helping OAS improve the layout and flow of their warehouse while maintaining its accessibility for people with disabilities. Lowe’s, through the Lowe’s Hero’s Project, have provided materials and volunteers for the renovations.

The Lowe’s Bend and Redmond stores have partnered to complete this project. OAS’s warehouse currently stocks several pieces of adaptive equipment ranging from sit-skis to adaptive bikes. All of OAS’s adaptive equipment helps people with disabilities achieve access to outdoor recreation activities. Lack of space and storage has been an issue for OAS and now with Lowe’s Hero’s Project, OAS will be able to better serve our participants with disabilities with more ease. OAS has received new cabinet space, accessible sink in the bathroom space, and more exciting, the installation of a pulley-system which will allow OAS to securely store their custom adaptive bikes from a ceiling height. A Lowe’s employee who also volunteers for OAS specially designed the pulley system just for OAS.

Suzanne Lafky, OAS executive director shared, “This has been a fun and excited partnership with both Lowes Bend and Redmond. The renovations will help us stay in our current space longer and provide a user friend space for our participants and volunteers. And, we have so enjoyed working with the Lowes staff, what a fantastic group.”

WHEN: Lowe’s employees will be installing the pulley system 12pm on November 25, at the OAS warehouse located at 63025 OB Riley Road, Suite 12, Bend, Oregon. The installation should be spectacular.

ABOUT OAS: Oregon Adaptive Sports has been breaking barriers in Central Oregon since 1996, providing disabled people and their families an opportunity for outdoor recreation. Our goal is to nurture the human spirit and foster self-confidence and independence. We currently offer instructional programs in alpine, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, golf, cycling and kayaking. To prevent cost from being a barrier to participation, we rely on the support of hundreds of volunteers, businesses, donorsand sponsors.

CONTACT: Suzanne Lafky, Executive Director, 541-306-4774 suzanne@oregonadaptivesports.org


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