Oregon Releases Early Literacy Framework


Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has released the final version of Oregon’s Early Literacy Framework, a statewide resource document to fuel action and improve literacy proficiency for Oregon’s students. An overview of the framework is also available.

The framework provides coherence, clarity, and common ground for high-quality, comprehensive early literacy education statewide. This resource elevates critical elements of comprehensive literacy instruction including fostering students’ sense of belonging in school, instruction grounded in the science of reading, culturally responsive teaching, and a focus on serving all students, inclusive of multilingual students, students experiencing disabilities, and students with dyslexia.

Oregon’s Early Literacy Framework is informed by extensive literacy research, state literacy data, literacy frameworks in other states, consultation with literacy researchers, and conversations with practitioners and community partners. ODE included feedback from educators, literacy experts, and community members across Oregon, building from the preview draft released in March.

Oregon’s Early Literacy Framework lays a foundation to improve reading and writing skills in K-5 classrooms and is directly tied to Governor Kotek’s Early Literacy Success Initiative (HB 3198). HB 3198 is in the Joint Committee on Ways and Means.

“Oregon must make significant strides to improve the quality of literacy instruction and to ensure the experience of belonging in classrooms,” stated Governor Tina Kotek. “This means ensuring that every student receives classroom instruction aligned to grade-level standards and thoughtfully informed by research and culturally responsive practices, and cultivating and strengthening community partnerships and family engagement to meet students’ strengths and individual needs.”

If HB 3198 passes this session, it would provide additional resources to help Oregon schools improve literacy outcomes, building professional learning and core implementation planning steps from Oregon’s Early Literacy Framework. ODE is investing in the development of Oregon’s Early Literacy Framework as part of its commitment to addressing unfinished learning and supporting literacy education infrastructure for the long term.

“It is essential that every child in Oregon read and write with confidence and competence. Learning to read and write early is key to later learning in school and on the job,” stated Oregon Department of Education Director Colt Gill. “The purpose of a statewide literacy framework is to build momentum and capacity for making literacy instruction stronger in every school in our state so that all kids leave elementary school reading and writing with grade-level proficiency in at least one language. This framework is the starting point for this work – passage of HB 3198 is essential to give schools the resources they need to see it through.”

Learn more about the Early Literacy Framework, partially funded through Elementary and Secondary Emergency Relief Funds (ESSER III), by visiting the Early Literacy Framework webpage.



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