Oregon Spirit Distillers Selected for Eaves Blind Series


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Marianne Eaves, curator of the Eaves Blind Series and one of the most esteemed tastemakers in the beverage industry, has crafted a premium, collectible Bourbon series to showcase the many regions of American Bourbon. Marianne, recognized as the first female master distiller in Kentucky, created the series in partnership with eight of the most awarded craft distilleries in America.

There are nine regions of Bourbon production in the United States, and the Eaves Blind Series portfolio highlights seven of those regions. Each Bourbon expression showcases geographic uniqueness and certain production practices that make Bourbon the undisputed spirit of America. The lineup explores four aspects of production that Marianne feels is important to crafting quality Bourbon whiskey: grain and mashing, fermentation, distillation, and maturation.

The unique, single-source Bourbon blends were first sampled in 2021 seasonal tasting kits when Eaves intended to strip Eaves Blind members of any preconceived Bourbon stereotypes: color and indications of age, quality, etc. Kits included the program’s signature matte-black glencairns to aid this process of sampling. Now, each expression is available for Bourbon lovers and spirit collectors.

“This program was born out of my journey across the country before leaving my previous roles and following my partner’s [Kevin] traveling circus,” says Eaves. “We were always traveling around, and I was making industry friends from all over the country — not just Kentucky. My “Ah, ha! Moment” was realizing that Kentucky makes great bourbon, but there are so many other regions and distilleries outside of Kentucky that are making exceptional Bourbons, too. That all clicked, and the Eaves Blind Series was born with the goal of broadening the palates of Bourbon drinkers across the country.”

Eaves partnered with the distilleries to discover how the liquids would help consumers understand the variety of profiles in the expressions created. “We were honored to collaborate with Marianne and create this cask strength, nine-barrel blend bourbon that pours at 122.9 proof. We appreciate the Eaves Blind program’s effort to showcase bourbon and distilleries outside of Kentucky,” said Brad Irwin, owner of Oregon Spirit Distillers.

All of the Eaves Blind Series portfolio is available for purchase on the Eaves Blind website. The Oregon Spirit Distillers Bourbon is available for tastings and purchase at their tasting room in Bend. All eight expressions have an SRP of $150/750 mL. For additional questions about Eaves Blind, please contact Zach Groth at press@eavesblind.com.



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