Oregon’s First Renewable Diesel Dispenser Open to the Public


As part of its continuing commitment to provide sustainable products to its customers, Carson, a leading fuel provider in Oregon, has installed Oregon’s first publicly available renewable diesel pump at the Quickway Market in Bend.

Matthew Benz, Carson’s vice president of Sales and Operations, describes the driving forces behind the pump’s introduction, “Making renewable diesel available to the public is an important milestone in our mission to provide viable solutions compatible with both Oregon’s changing regulations, like the Clean Fuels Program and the demand for quality fuel.”

The newly installed renewable diesel dispenser will allow owners of any diesel-powered vehicle, from sedans to trucks, to fill up with Neste MY Renewable Diesel. Renewable diesel is an immediate, affordable way for drivers to reduce their carbon footprint. By simply filling up, Oregonians will immediately transform their vehicles to stop emitting new greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Where to find Renewable Diesel in Central Oregon

The renewable diesel fuel dispenser is located at the VP Racing branded station on 690 NE Butler Market Rd., in Bend, and is easy to spot with its bright blue and green coloring. Carson’s long-term ambition is to expand its network of renewable diesel fueling stations.

Baron Braatz, co-owner of the station, had this to say: “We’re very excited to be the first fuel station to offer Neste MY Renewable Diesel to both businesses and the public here in Central Oregon. Products like this can make a big difference in cutting emissions without negatively impacting the performance and investments the hardworking people of Oregon make in their diesel vehicles and equipment.”

In 2020, Carson became a verified Neste MY Renewable Diesel distributor, and one of the first companies to introduce renewable diesel into Oregon. Carson has set a goal to provide Oregonians and Oregon businesses a way to easily access low carbon renewable diesel. The opening of the renewable diesel dispenser marks an important step forward on this journey by making renewable diesel accessible to all Oregonians, alongside fleet operators, who’ve been testing and proving this product for several years, including Deschutes County and the Eugene Water & Electric Board to name just two.

Renewable Diesel Outperforms Other Fuels

Neste MY Renewable Diesel is chemically identical to fossil diesel but is instead made from sustainably-sourced renewable raw materials, not crude oil. For example, Neste collects the used cooking oil from more than 45,000 restaurants across the U.S., turning it into renewable fuels. Another big difference is that Neste MY Renewable Diesel does not have the most harmful components of fossil diesel (like aromatics) and emits less Particulate Matter (PM) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). Renewable diesel is proven to work seamlessly with all diesel engines. In fact, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is TOP TIER certified and endorsed by a number of engine manufacturers including Mercedes Benz, Ford, GMC and Volvo. In addition to lowered emissions, Neste MY Renewable Diesel performs better in cold conditions (down to -4°F/-20°C) when compared to fossil diesel. For Oregonians who expect to go on road trips this winter, the renewable diesel offered at the Quickway Market in Bend will provide quicker cold starts and more reliable and consistent operation.

The Carson name has represented quality and service since 1938. With modest origins as a Portland-area heating oil provider, Carson now serves the Pacific Northwest with business and direct to consumer products and services in the fuel, lubricant, heating, equipment, trucking and vehicle industries. A family-run business for 80 years, the Carson Brand now represents a collection of companies committed to serving our customers, our employees and our environment. carsonteam.com Carson is an active participant in Clean City Coalition programs directed at meeting The Governor’s ten-Year Energy Action Plan for converting large fleets to energy-efficient fuel sources and other advocacy programs for clean fuel incentives, including the Oregon Clean Fuels Program and Renewable Fuels Standards initiatives. The 10-Year Energy Action Plan identifies transportation as the single most significant contributor to Oregon’s carbon dioxide emissions and a substantial source of air toxins. To accelerate the market transition to a more efficient, cleaner transportation system, the plan proposes a 20 percent conversion of large fleets to alternative fuel vehicles over the next ten years.

Neste (NESTE, Nasdaq Helsinki) creates sustainable solutions for transport, business and consumer needs. Our wide range of renewable products enables our customers to reduce climate emissions. We are the world’s largest renewable diesel producer from waste and residues, introducing renewable solutions to the aviation and plastics industries. We are also a technologically advanced refiner of high-quality oil products. We want to be a reliable partner with widely valued expertise, research and sustainable operations. In 2019, Neste’s revenue stood at EUR 15.8 billion. In 2020, Neste placed 3rd on the Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies. Read more: neste.com and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.



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