Over half of UK residents set to enhance their homes in 2021


Last year, the property market boomed. With so many new property owners about and many people still spending lots of time at home, it’s no wonder home improvement projects were huge in 2020. As lockdown continues, along with the Stamp Duty holiday, 2021 looks set to be another bumper year for renovation projects across the four nations.

What did people do to their homes in 2020?

Unsurprisingly, many people spent their time and money creating multifunctional spaces in their homes. With the sudden need to work from home, many homeowners found their homes were not equipped to facilitate an office. Over 14% of people adapted their homes to fit work and recreation space together, with 8% of people specifically creating a home office.

As we all spent more time than ever at home in 2020, many people decided to upgrade their kitchens. Without the option to go out for dinner or Sunday lunch with friends and family, homeowners decided to upgrade at-home cooking and dining experience. 12% of property owners surveyed by Rated People said they had decided it was time to invest in a new kitchen.

Where in the country were people renovating the most?

While the majority of UK homeowners certainly caught the renovation bug last year, certain regions of the country embraced the trend more than others.

The UK’s second largest city, Birmingham, saw the most property upgrades. Nearly 53% of residents got out their tool boxes to do some sort of home enhancement project in the last year.

What are people planning on doing to their homes this year?

The appetite for home improvement projects looks set to continue well into this year, with many new property owners out there wanting to get their new homes looking great. Most homeowners have said they will likely be giving their properties a fresh look by painting this year.

Having completed kitchen projects last year, nearly 18% of property owners surveyed have stated that they will be upgrading their bathrooms in 2021, completing two of the biggest projects to undertake in a home.

What are the interior trends for 2021?

As many of us have missed getting outside or on holiday into nature in the last 12 months, it is not surprising that natural materials are set to continue as a huge trend in 2021. Searched for dried flowers online are up over 200% year-on-year and sales of wood furniture and linen soft furnishings remains high.

When it comes to kitchens, the colour blue looks destined to remain a big trend. While bathrooms that centre around self-care and well-being are set to be the next big thing.


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