Pacific Herbs Brings Traditions from Eastern Medicine to The West


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Pacific Herbs brings the influence of Eastern herbal medicine to the West. Cathy Margolin, a licensed acupuncturists and herbalist, recently relocated the company she founded, to Bend. “The health living ideals and relaxed atmosphere make Bend a perfect fit as it reflects our goals as a growing wellness care company,” she explained.

Pacific Herbs provides herbal supplement products predominantly to health practitioners such as acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors and MDs. Some select health food stores carry the products conveniently sold in packets.

Pacific Herbs products are all based on the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, past down for generations. In fact, all of the formulations for Pacific Herbs nine products (and growing) were first written down more than 500 years ago.

Bend has a long history of acceptance of Eastern Medicine traditions. Acupuncturists and complementary and alternative medicines have a natural home in the Pacific Northwest and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including the herbal medicine portion has been growing quickly in doctor’s offices as many are reconsidering looking back to the “roots” of medicine for answers to our modern diseases. TCM roots go back nearly 2,000 years.

Based on the ancient Chinese philosophy that emphasizes natural balance tocreates wellness. When this balance is thrown off, for example, stress that causes sleepless nights, then herbs, acupuncture, food and exercise are used to restore the balance. Chinese medicine always encompasses all of these modalities for overall wellness.

Pacific Herbs focuses only on the herbal traditions. “But, we don’t recreate the wheel at Pacific Herbs, we repackage it,”said Margolin. “We use time tested and proven effective herbal combinations. Our herbs are concentrated herbal extracts produced in a pharmaceutical factory under precise testing, cooking and processing standards.”

Herb granules are the consistency of instant coffee and can be reconstituted in water to drink as tea, or put straight into your mouth and swallowed as any pill or capsule. The benefit of concentrated granules is the average patient needs only a small amount and packaging is minimal and convenient to use. It is no longer necessary to boil your herbs on a stove, strain and recook and have a stinky kitchen odor.

Granule technology was first developed in Japan and is now the standardized herbal medicine for many countries including Germany, Japan, and Taiwan and covered by National Health Insurance in many Asian countries. Pacific Herbs products may eventually be covered by health insurance. Just this month, the U.K. approved a Chinese herbal extract as an approved drug. The Western world is waking up to the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine and learning the secrets Asian cultures have always known.

“It is truly an exciting time to be part of this trend back to mankind’s herbal medicine roots,” concludes Margolin. “Whether we use Western herbal traditions or Eastern, the principals are the same. Plants can provide us with every chemical we need to survive and thrive. Living in such a scenic and friendly part of the country complements and enhances Pacific Herbs growth opportunities and we’re excited about the future here.”

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