Patiofyre Launches Cost-Efficient, Fuel-Efficient & Heat-Efficient Outdoor Patio Heater


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Individuals have been gathering around the fire for millennia — cooking, eating, sharing stories and simply enjoying the company of friends and family. The launch of a new Bend-based brand, Patiofyre, blends this old-world tradition with modern design and technology to elevate the art of gathering and transform outdoor spaces. Patiofyre’s first product, the Metro Jetlamp patio heater, brings to market a highly efficient, sustainable and beautiful pellet-fed heater all for under $1,000, base price.

Patiofyre’s Metro Jetlamps run on pellets created from timber industry byproducts for a more eco-friendly solution than propane gas. They’re smokeless, odorless, and roughly five times as efficient as propane gas heaters, ultimately bringing down operating costs for consumers and business owners. Pellets are gravity-fed through the attached hopper, and burn for over an hour without refilling, or nearly 2.5 hours with the optional pellet extension, saving users time and energy.

The use of real fire infuses an element of beauty into each Patiofyre Jetlamp and provides significant heat at standing level, inviting individuals in to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of real flames. The Metro Jetlamp can be furnished with either a full or half Safety Cage to prevent contact with the glass chimney, while still allowing the beauty and warmth of fire to be the centerpiece.

“There’s something about a real fire that draws us all in and brings us together, “said Matt Korish, CEO of Patiofyre. “We’re excited to launch our initial products and ultimately give consumers and business owners a beautiful and efficient new option to elevate their outdoor spaces.”

Along with the Metro Jetlamp heater, Patiofrye offers additional accessories and add-ons catered to meet the needs of both businesses and homes. The steel Bistro table provides a space for drinks and other items while still allowing the fire to shine through (requires lower safety cage to protect lower extremities from heat) and the Hopper Extension doubles the burn time to more than two hours before needing a refill.

About Patiofyre:
At Patiofyre, we believe in honoring tradition while celebrating modern design and technology. We build products that enhance the art and joy of gathering and focus on the elements that bring people together. Our line of gravity-fed Jetlamp heaters are the most efficient and effective way to harness the warmth and beauty of a real fire. Patiofyre heaters are American-built, eco-friendly products that combine durable materials with beautiful aesthetics and design to create a smokeless, highly efficient patio heater perfect for commercial, residential and events.


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