Patrick Carroll Donates Sneakers to Children in Chicago


Real Estate Entrepreneur Patrick Carroll is donating millions of dollars in sneakers in the KICKZ FOR KIDS campaign, which supports underprivileged kids. Most recently, the Miami-based real estate mogul gifted 600 sneakers to the Union League Boys and Girls Club in Chicago on August 29, 2023. This campaign is part of a continuing effort to donate $1 million worth of sneakers to children in need.


Patrick has established himself in the real estate industry through his company, CARROLL. He has a portfolio of over 30,000 residential and commercial properties throughout the East Coast, but his unwavering commitment as a dedicated philanthropist sets him apart from other business moguls. Patrick is particularly focused on helping children in need, making a significant impact in many communities.


KICKZ FOR KIDS has no sponsors, so Patrick is funding this campaign by himself. The event also video games donated by Gamesgo Arcade and appearances from Chicago sports team mascots like “Tommy Hawk” of the Chicago Bears and “Staley Da Bear” of the Chicago Cubs. Additional attractions included pizza, a live art demo, and a DJ. Chicago is the fifth city across the country to which Patrick has donated sneakers to children, with the others including Tampa and Miami in Florida, Atlanta in Georgia, and New York City in New York. Celebrities who have assisted in these efforts include Briannagh D, George Daniels, Seraphina Sanan, Cortez Smith, Toxic and Van Johnson.

The reaction of children when they receive the sneakers is the most rewarding part of the campaign for Patrick. He says, “There’s no better feeling than seeing the kids’ faces filled with excitement when they get a new pair of really cool sneakers.” Patrick adds that the children are so surprised and happy at this experience that they can’t imagine a more fulfilling experience.

He also tells the children “If I can do it, anyone can do it,” when discussing his early career. Patrick says that his success story is far from typical, as he got in trouble during his childhood and never went to college. He is self-taught and believes it’s important for children to believe they live the American dream by working hard for it.

Early Career

Patrick Carroll was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1979, but grew up in Tampa, Florida. He developed a passion for real estate at an early age and moved to Atlanta after high school to pursue a career in that field. His initial foray into real estate consisted of flipping properties, which involved purchasing properties, improving the, and selling them at a profit. These ventures laid the foundation for his subsequent success in real estate.

Patrick founded CARROLL in 2004, marking the beginning of his major investments in real estate. He initially focused on residential development throughout the Southeast, resulting in early success for his new company. These accomplishments opened doors into commercial real estate, including retail centers, student housing, and mixed-use properties.

Later Career

Patrick has consistently relied on a disciplined, strategic approach to investments in driving CARROLL’s growth. He acquired three property management firms by 2009, including Hediger Enterprises, Affordable Realty Management, and Miles Properties Management Company. These acquisitions allowed Patrick to create a solid foundation for his company, resulting a portfolio of 20,000 units within a short period of time.


CARROLL remains a privately owned company, making it independent of shareholders and boards of directors. This agility lets Patrick make swift decisions that innovate his business, without necessarily following industry trends. The firm’s approach to investments is based on the analysis of market opportunities for the purpose of capitalizing on unfulfilled needs. It’s also reflected in Patrick’s hiring strategy, which looks for ambitious candidates with fresh perspectives on real estate investments.

CARROLL’s success continued during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, due to Patrick’s forward-thinking. His firm was already shifting towards a remote work model at the time, but this crisis accelerated this trend. CARROLL quickly completed this transition, allowing the firm to prioritize the health of its residents, partners, and employees.

Philanthropic Efforts

Patrick has made numerous donations to food banks and hospitals in the Atlanta area, significantly contributing to that community’s journey toward relieving hunger. He is also an active participant in Habitat for Humanity and serves on the Board of the Boys and Girls Clubs in Tampa. In addition, Patrick provides scholarships for students at Jesuit High School in Tampa, his former high school.

Patrick’s philanthropic efforts extended to global causes in 2022, as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For example, he formed a partnership with The Heart Fund, which provides meals for families in Ukraine. Patrick also launched #billionaireschallenge during this period, which is a social media campaign that encourages the wealthy to support those less fortunate.


Philanthropy is a core component of Patrick’s values. He currently supports over 50 charities throughout the world but focuses on the health and development of young children. However, Patrick’s dedication to philanthropy goes beyond financial support, with activities such as motivational speaking in which he shares his personal journey to success and emphasizes the importance of health. He also encourages his own employees to engage in their own philanthropic endeavors by promoting a culture of compassion within CARROLL.

Future Developments

Patrick Carroll continues to look for opportunities in real estate in a post-pandemic world. For example, he believes that urban dwellers will begin seeking homes in suburban areas that also offer the amenities and conveniences they’re used to. CARROLL will meet this demand by providing rental properties for multiple families that don’t require maintenance, along with amenities within walking distance like large, outdoor spaces. The increasing prevalence of remote work will also increase the firm’s prioritization of larger floor plans, especially those suitable for including home offices.

Patrick is also exploring investments outside real estate, including wellness products and services that will support lifestyles resulting from the pandemic. These possibilities include technology that enhances diet and exercise for those living in remote settings.


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