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Behind every successful brand is good graphic design. And while some marketers and entrepreneurs think that graphic design is expensive, they probably don’t know about on-demand graphic design services. 

On-demand graphic design offers a unique business model fit for small and large businesses. And when it comes to on-demand design companies, Penji is a top choice among brands. This comprehensive Penji review will tell you everything you need to know about this on-demand design service. 

What is Penji? 

As mentioned, Penji is an on-demand graphic design service fit for startups, small businesses, and agencies. It runs on a subscription-based model, which means clients only pay when they use the service. Clients pay a fixed rate per month. In return, they get unlimited graphic designs, web and app designs, illustrations, infographics, and almost any design type they have in mind. 

Since it’s a subscription-based business, clients are not bound by a contract. They can cancel anytime if they don’t need the service, and re-subscribe once they need it again. 

Since launching in 2017, Penji has worked with some of the top brands in various industries. From logo, business cards to marketing graphics and car wraps, Penji’s designers are experts in their field. Some of the brands Penji has worked with are AWeber, Express, Lyft, UPenn, Reebok, King’s Hawaiian, and more. 

What Makes Penji Different?

On-demand design companies are in demand these days. Clients can sort through a handful of on-demand graphic design services online. Some Penji alternatives are Undullify, Superside, and Design Pickle. 

However, Penji’s offers are unique and better in some ways. For instance, Penji offers unlimited custom illustrations in most of their plans. Other services charge clients extra for custom illustrations. Plus, Penji’s pricing is relatively cheaper than the others mentioned. 

Last but not least, Penji believes in helping those who are helping others as well. That said, they strive to help their nearby communities and those nonprofit organizations that need graphic design. By offering qualified nonprofits a dollar monthly payment, these organizations can continue the good work they do for people and communities. 

What Benefits Does Penji Offer? 

Subscribing to Penji means a huge load is taken off your shoulders. Here are the benefits you’ll get when you subscribe to the service:

Unlimited offers

Whether you’re establishing a startup or running a multi-national company, you need constant graphic designs for branding and marketing. And other design options are based on hourly or per-project rates. With Penji, you no longer have to worry about paying for every design project. You get unlimited graphic designs, web and app designs, infographics, and illustrations — all at a fixed monthly rate!


Penji’s rates are affordable as well. Graphic designers are paid an hourly rate of $28.06, according to the U.S. BLS. Multiply that with the hours they have to churn in every day, and you pay graphic designers at least $224 for an eight-hour workday. 

With Penji, the lowest plan is at $399 per month. And this comes with unlimited offers. Without a doubt, Penji is an affordable and quality solution for your graphic design needs.

Vetted designers

Searching for a quality graphic designer or illustrator in freelancing marketplaces is a long shot. It’s hard to find a designer who is reliable, with versatile skills. On the other hand, Penji’s hiring process is stringent, ensuring clients that all their designers went through a rigorous hiring process before onboarding. 

Quality designs

Since Penji’s graphic designers belong in the top two percent of the industry, clients can rest easy knowing they’ll get quality designs. These professionals also have diverse skills and expertise. That said, clients will be assigned with the most suitable designer knowledgeable about the project.

No contract

Since Penji doesn’t have a binding contract, clients can cancel anytime they no longer need the service. This is excellent for new businesses that don’t have a high demand for marketing graphics yet. 

Penji’s Pricing:

Penji offers three pricing tiers:

  • Pro at $399
  • Team at $499
  • Agency at $899

All these plans come with unlimited graphic designs, web and app designs, custom illustrations, and infographics save for the Pro plan. All plans also come with unlimited revisions and a bespoke design platform that is easy to use. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this Penji review will shed light on where you can find a quick, quality, and affordable graphic design service today. Sign up for Penji and try the company’s 15-day money-back guarantee and 15% off the first month.


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