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Running a startup or small business has its snags; your products still haven’t been accepted by customers, so funds are trickling in slowly, you are still spending most of your resources in research and product adaptation. It may seem impossible to provide your small team with the employee benefits they deserve. With the rising costs of medication, health insurance, and other benefits, you are at a dilemma at what to do to sort out your situation.

This is where digital exits come in. Hiring a PEO companies Ohio enables you to manage your business’ affairs while they handle all the staffing functions. Below are a few of the services PEOs bring to the table and why they will work perfectly for your business:

PEOs handle taxes and payroll

There are many technicalities involving tax law, which can be mitigated by hiring a PEO. They handle your annual tax requirements, manage your payroll and deduct the necessary taxes from your staff’s salaries. Every beginning of the year, your PEO manager will manage your state and federal taxes and readily provide W2 forms for all your staff members. In addition to that, most PEOs avail online platforms with ready information for you at all times.

They give you ready access to new employees

When you are looking to hire someone new, the dynamics of advertising your vacancy and sifting through hundreds of resumes can be cumbersome and costly. Findings from the Society of Human Resource Management suggest that the total process could take up to 42 days. PEOs, on the other hand, can easily leverage their access to large recruitment networks to get you that professional in no time.

They also use their expertise to screen through prospects to determine the perfect match for you. The only part you’ll have to play is to interview the final list of applicants that the PEO recommends.

They have the necessary tools to track your staff’s performance

Employee performance is an essential factor in ensuring that your startup or small business thrives. Obtaining information about your staff’s performance can be somewhat tricky; striking a balance between being aggressive and downright insulting is hard without experience. A PEO will provide the right mechanisms to obtain information about their performance, goals, and areas that need improvement. You may also receive the necessary supervisory training to guide you on staff performance management.

PEOs manage compensation and unemployment costs

Different states have different regulations concerning unemployment and compensation payment, which could cost you hefty fines if not adhered to. PEOs have experts in place to unravel those regulations and ensure that you pay the right amounts.

PEOs reduce employees’ benefits’ costs

PEOs have access to more options that you would as a small business owner; thus you stand a better chance to cut down on significant benefits expenses like healthcare. A PEO can save you up to $36,000 if you are looking to provide health insurance to a team of fifteen.


PEOs are responsible for sensitive matters like taxes and health insurance, so when selecting a PEO, choose one that is reputable for their attention to detail.


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