PHP versus ASP.NET: Which One to Use? Fare Comparison


Perhaps you are planning a web development project and would like to find out what would suit better PHP or Then we are here for you to help in an unsophisticated way. Let’s have a look at both and PHP as web development tools and carefully consider each of them.

In 2021, both web development frameworks are incredibly popular and spread over the globe in terms of being incredibly useful for web development. On one hand, PHP is a framework applied by many web development professionals all over the world. However, Asp.Net also firmly takes its lead. That is why it can be a bit challenging in choosing one of them for your project or business. But let’s consider both of them and try to think about not only their popularity but its possible pros/cons, and elaborate on them.

PHP as a Web Development Language

Currently, PHP is still on top of computer languages, according to Statistics Times. Despite the emergence of many new languages, PHP technology is still capturing its wide use.

PHP definitely has a landscape of applications. It is not only a language, it creates a whole system of development processes. It was developed more than 25 years ago and is still alive. Since that time, it has been modified and used generously for software creation. Nowadays, it is a robust web development tool, and among possibilities and other tools it contains, it is used to write even web servers. This is something that other languages and frameworks can’t do.

PHP is still incredibly flexible, despite its long history. It is being constantly reviewed and revised. For example, the newest version of it has a number of powerful options. Such as processing tools and improved databases.

Generally, PHP is empowerment for those industries that require dynamic content. Besides, it supports mobile apps too. WordPress, Etsy, Slack, Wikipedia, is just a small list of giant companies and projects that were built on PHP.  There are so many great projects developed with its help all over the world. In addition, it is free and open-source.

How about ASP .Net?

In comparison, is a framework, not a pure computer language. Besides, it has been developed by Microsoft, so it has strong and solid support in its face. Asp.Net technology is good to work on scalable web apps. Nowadays, it is an open-source framework.

In addition, there is a general misconception that the languages applied in web development determine the general speed and web page performance. Well, in this case, both our heroes function perfectly. Both frameworks are equally performing well in terms of database interaction, images display, web server’s work, and provide a dynamic UI/UX.

ASP.Net is not the easiest computer language for web development. mainly it is not easy to start with it for the newbies. But it is relatively easier in maintenance for the coding process.

What to pay attention to when choosing between these two?

There is a series of questions to answer before making a choice between PHP and ASP.Net. For example, ask yourself the following:

What is the size of my business and its scale?

This is something to consider before making a choice, as each of our story heroes may be more suitable as to the size and scale.

How about my industry and type of business?

It matters, as not every computer language may be helpful enough for your field.

What is the level of support both can provide?

Is it even there?

What is the budget?

How much are you ready to spend?

How widespread and popular is the target framework?

The latter may be an issue to get enough professionals that know these languages. The more popular it is, the more people learn and use it for web development.

But let’s dig further into the advantages and disadvantages of PHP / ASP.Net. However, in some cases, it is not an issue at all, as only productivity may matter.

ASP .Net: Pros and Cons


  • incredibly flexible in terms of project and web app scale
  • can co-exist with a number of other frameworks and languages
  • high level or error fixing possibilities
  • the best thing to work on Windows
  • great User Interaction possibilities
  • allows conducting a fast development process
  • speedy
  • can be easily set up
  • works well for web apps development
  • rich for tools
  • easily manageable
  • works better for medium and large scale


  • community is rather small
  • works predominantly with Windows
  • not the easiest one to learn

PHP: Pros and Cons


  • free and open-source
  • works better for small & medium size projects
  • server-side
  • has a long history and many professionals, who know it and use it
  • easy to learn, easy to apply
  • great for database functioning and communication


  • not for every project
  • has some debugging issues
  • can run a bit slow
  • poor errors handling
  • not for desktop development

Let’s wrap it all up now

In order to carry out a fair comparison, it is important to gather and analyze all aspects of both PHP and ASP.Net. That is what we were trying to do here as short and as objective as possible.

In any possible case, the choice depends on the requirements the project/business has. Each of the above mentioned can be suited to one thing or another. It is not the matter of being ‘better’ but a matter of being more appropriate and suitable to the need.

In 2021, both frameworks are fairly comparable and in use. Each of them has their drawbacks in various aspects of functioning, as well as strengths. It is useless to make further comparisons without a provided context. In facing the harsh need to choose the most suitable one, it is sometimes better to refer to professionals, which are keen on that. Technical requirements smatter the most, as well as budgetary. Professionals are there for you so you would be less confused about what is used for what.


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