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All of us have used to the fact that the best editing programs are those for smartphones only. As they save a lot of time in the photo editing process and are pretty easy to use. But what about your PC? Are there any good alternatives for those smartphone editors and all-time favorite Photoshop? As we all know, Photoshop is a little bit complicated for those who don’t use every day.

If you want to edit your photos in a professional way on a PC instead of your smartphone, we have something interesting for you. In today’s review, we’re going to talk about picasa for windows 10 free download, which is one the best editing programs for windows users. Using this program you can manage, sort out, and edit your photographs without a need to learn how the program works. Everything is pretty simple.

So, let’s look closer what Picasa picture viewer is.

Picasa Picture Viewer Review

Picasa is not a sophisticated or professional picture viewer program for managing and editing photos on your computer. It is that kind of a program, which is suitable for editing pictures fast and easy. It is a pretty basic program with a good set of different options. It doesn’t require professional photo editing or photography skills to work with. You can make really good photos from the very first time you download Picasa.

  • First of all, Picasa works with all existed formats – JPEG, GIF, PSD, etc.
  • It has a set of filters and additional editing options.
  • It organizes your photo library by dates and names.
  • It creates separate folders for different collections of pictures.
  • Picasa can automatically back up your photos from your Google+ account.

Among some tools the program has are rotating tools, cropping tools, shadow and highlight tools, sharpen option, tint option, sepia option, black and white option, and other basic filters. These tools help to balance the photo out, making it look more professional. Generally, the editor has a lot of picture editing tools to experiment with all day long. You can add more colors, more photo effects, etc.

You can also make different kinds of collage pictures is Picasa program. And you don’t have to scroll through all photos to pick them one by one. You can just pick them all at one time by clicking on each and choosing «Add to collage». This is one of those options which really save a lot of time while editing the photos. The program does a pretty good job. You can also change the proportions of each photo directly on the finished collage picture.


Picasa is developed by Google, which automatically means that it is a qualitative product, which is definitely worth your attention. As Google is continuously working on improving and updating their programs to higher and better standards. So, probably the users can expect for more updated versions in the near future. Still, for now, the program is already quite good.



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